Black Cat Episode 8

Black Cat Episode 8 – The Traveling Cat

This series is actually more cute than action, which isn’t too bad of a combo.

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In this episode, you see a totally different side of Train. He’s naive, he’s fun, and he’s no longer serious. He also sold his coat to get get this weird weights he put on his shirt. In this episode, you learn that Train has become part of the sweeping clan and is always hungry. I wonder what happened with the other girl that was supposedly killed by Creed…

Anyways, Eve says she’d help out, but both Train and Sven make fun of her, so she challenges Train to see who can catch this wanted person first.

Then we meet Rinslet again where she’s back to stealing. However, she’s caught by #7 (the Chronos # that tried to kill Eve after Train gave up) and they make a deal. Apparently there’s been rumors that Tao users are still around and have been giving a drink to some people which make them super powerful, but then self destructs. He wants her to steal that drink and is willing to pay dearly for it. Rinslet agrees and apparently the next target is the same target Sven’s group is going after. So obviously they meet up again. However, Eve goes off and finds the person himself. Train chases because he doesn’t want to lose the challenge.

At this time, you meet 2 new characters (seen in the Opening). I’m not sure if they’re good guys or bad guys at this point, but I hope they’re good guys. They have come to give this 4th person the drink. There were special instructions on what to do in order not to self destruct. This person was an environmentalist gone crazy who believed people who stepped on grass or plucked flowers should be killed. He’s hesitant to drink the potion since he’s heard about the other people dying after using it. However, when Eve steps on the grass, he goes berserk and drinks it. Immediately, he gains control of the plants and vines and starts attacking Eve. Train comes in and starts shooting, but he gets blinded by the flowers pollen. Sven and Rinslet enters but arent much help. Suddenly the maniac self destructs because he didn’t follow the instructions in using the potion.

Welp, Rinslet joins the team again. We’ll have to wait to see what comes next.

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