Butterfly = Symbol of Death?

I was rewatching the first few mintues of the Corpse Bride and noticed how the beginning and ending matched with butterflies. It also got me thinking if butteryfly was a symbolism of death and reincarnation since Bleach uses butterflies to symbolize a soul leaving the living world and entering Soul Society.

From Butterfly and Moth Symbolism:

Death, Omen of Death

Death is symbolized by many aspects of lepidoptera. In Maryland, if a white butterfly enters your house and flies around you, it foretells death. In some parts of the country, if a moth lands on the mother of a newborn child, that child will soon die. Italian-Americans view the appearance of a moth in their home as a sign of the impending death of someone they know.

There is a moth in Europe called the Death’s Head Sphinx Moth. It represents death to many Europeans because of the clear outline of a skull on its back. Salvador Dali made use of this symbol in an interpretation of a Currier and Ives print, “The Life of a Fireman.”

There are numerous other examples of lepidoptera symbolizing death. It is said if a caterpillar measures your entire length or girth you will die. Samoans felt if they captured a butterfly it meant they would be struck dead. In Brunswick, if the first butterfly spotted in spring is a white one, it was an omen of death. The Celts believed that seeing a butterfly flying at night meant death. The chrysalis or pupal stage symbolizes death in Christian art.

It also shocked me to find out that Johnny Depp played Victor Van Dort. For the longest time I thought it was Adrien Brody (the guy from The Pianist). I mean I even thought it was pretty clever to have him play the piano in this animation! How wrong I was.

Random Crap:

New doodle today. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually scanned a doodle, though I have collections of them in my notepads at work. I present to you:

soda can
Soda Can!

Well, it wasn’t really modeled after a soda can, but more of the juice cans we have at work.

Marriage builds wealth more than being single?Staying married has its benefits, especially financial, as a new U.S.-wide study shows the wealth of a married person is almost double that of somebody who is single. No duh? When you divorce, half your savings goes to your wife. And if you’re wife works, that’s 2x the income. But I guess marriage has its perks where you no longer have to buy “as many” gifts to pamper your wife.

Deadlock was trying to explain to me how the splitting body magic trick I posted yesterday worked. He first showed me David Copperfield: Laser illusion which was basically the same trick. Apparently, both the shirt and the pants are in rigid structure which I’ve figured, but I didn’t realize that his the shirt and the pants were connected at least on one side no matther when. We searched for an free online whiteboard and found: Imagination Cubed. This thing is crazy cool! Allows of mutliple people to connect and draw simultaneously. With this, he showed Deadlock showed me the internal body structure was while he was doing the act.

Not sure if I showed you this video before: Nintendo Revolution controller. Interesting ways to use the Revolution controller, but I wonder how well it’d be liked.

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