Chewing Straws

While I was biting straws the other day, I realized something. Chewing on straws is sort of like biting fingernails. Just to note, I hardly ever need to cut my fingernails. It’s not something I’m proud of and I even remember the horrible torture my younger brother went through when my parents forced him to stop biting nails. He truly had skill. He could bite the nails off every toe. I wonder if he could still do that today. But as you know, biting nails have long been associated with stress and I actually can see why. Try biting really hard right now, just forcing your teeth together. In a way, you’re exerting force or releasing stress through your jaws. Chewing gum might work, but gum is too soft in my opinion. Sometimes when I chew my nails, people would look over at me and ask what that crackling noise is. I usually just shrug away until they poke futher and ask what I’m eating. Haha. Straws aren’t has hard as fingernails, but they come awfully close. Hence, I think my chewing straw habbit is a way of relieving stress.

I’m apologize for not too many updates recently. You can blame Final Fantasy VII and just starting today 24 – Season 5. Well, mostly FF7. I think I’ve finally got all the characters including Vincent, Yuffie, and Cid. Right now I’m trying to find Yuffie because she stole all my materia. Unfortunately, I’m still on disc 1. I wonder how many hours I’ll be putting into this game.

As for 24 – Season 5, I just went through 4 episodes today and the beginning is great! Episode 5 is on it’s way and it’s actually quite nice to see it in HDTV format with 5.1 surround sound. Unfortunately the episodes are very large, almost twice the size if it was only stereo. I knew I shouldn’t have started to watch it before it completes, but it was just sitting there tempting me to watch it for the past few days. I finally caved.

Random Crap:

Whatever you do, don’t call for the nurse..A Japanese nurse who tried to relieve her work stress by tearing off patients’ nails was sentenced Monday to three years and eight months in prison. Ouch! Just as I was speaking of nails and relieving stress!

Fish School Photo Gallery (from Sue0n) – Meet Albert Einstein, a three year-old calico fantail goldfish. Albert has learned some amazing tricks after a couple months in Fish School, as you can see below. It could be argued that Albert is the world’s smartest fish! Do check out the videos and see the cool tricks this fish can do.

Sex calms nerves before public speaking – studyForget pretending you are talking to one person or concentrating on a single point in the audience — having sex is good way to calm nerves before giving a speech or presentation. Another stress related article! Haha. About to take a midterm or final! Have sex before! Remember, masturbation won’t be as good. But Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley in Scotland, said it has to be full sexual intercourse to get the best results.

Male Student Wins Fight to Wear SkirtThe ACLU announced the deal Tuesday. It will allow a Hasbrouck Heights School senior to wear a skirt to protest the school’s no-shorts policy. The district’s dress code bans shorts between Oct. 1 and April 15, but allows skirts, a policy 17-year-old Michael Coviello believes is discriminatory. Interesting guy. You might want to see the video.

“Moby sick” find lands fragrant fortuneAn Australian couple could reap a fragrant fortune after what they thought was an odd-looking tree stump turned out to be a rare lump of ambergris, a whale excretion used in perfumes and known as “floating gold.” … Jury, who is acting for the family, said ambergris can fetch between $20-$65 a gram, The Age newspaper reported on Wednesday. That would make the Wrights’ find worth at least $295,000.

Man says ‘spell’ won him harem of 10 wivesA middle-aged Tokyo man found to be living with 10 younger women said he attracted them by reciting an incantation that came to him in a dream. Dude! I need to learn that incantation!

Google Code: Web Authoring Statistics (from /.) – For web programmers, these statistics are quite interesting.

Adult Diaper Sales Soar in ChinaAlongside food and fire crackers, Chinese are adding a new item to their lunar New Year shopping: Adult diapers. Sales have soared ahead of the holiday as travelers prepare for long trips home aboard trains so crowded that even the toilets are jammed with people, newspapers said Tuesday. … The problem arises from the need to sell twice as many tickets as there are train seats to accommodate the crush of travelers. Those without seats must find some place — any place — to put themselves, including in overhead racks, between cars, and in the usually stinking toilets. For some reason, this sounds like a story my father told me when he was young and he could ride the train for free during the Cultural Revolution. Minus the diapers of course.

F14 Model (from esca) – An amazing F14 model that actually FLIES! Amazing! I’m guessing it runs on gasoline?

S.Korean province plans aid for mail-order bridesA rural province in
South Korea plans to give financial aid to help lonely male farmers pay for mail-order brides from overseas.

Hiccups lead to two shooting deaths in ColombiaA Colombian man accidentally shot his nephew to death while trying to cure his hiccups by pointing a revolver at him to scare him, police in the Caribbean port city of Barranquilla said on Tuesday. After shooting 21-year-old university student David Galvan in the neck, his uncle, Rafael Vargas, 35, was so distraught he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide, police said.

WORLD’S FIRST BANNER AD (from /.) – What was the world’s first banner ad? When HotWired decided to make money from their website in 1994, they set in motion events that would come back to haunt us all: The creation of banner ads. AT&T was the first to dish over some money to HotWired to display the beast they created, a 468 x 60 banner that came to life on October 25 1994. The world’s first banner was quite the ugly thing as seen below and clicking it will not take you to the AT&T website, but just may take you somewhere else.

How to Become an Early Riser – Part II (from Tekman) – Quite an interesting read, and for those who have new year resolutions of not sleeping in late, he has some very good suggestions. Unfortunately, my new years resolutions is… well… I don’t think I have any. Haha. Might also want to read their part 1: How to Become an Early Riser.

Scanner that plays music (from Deadlock) – I’ve read about this before, but now I actually get a video of it playing Ludwig Van Beethoven – Für Elise.

Syncronized swimming fish (from Deadlock) – More trained fishies! Check out this video and see how cool they can be! The Chinese announcer actually called them ballet dancers in water.

Don’t slip (from Deadlock) – a video of an idiot trying to launch his chair into the air. How did he think he was going to land anyway?

Woman Cited in Pa. for Flinging Lettuce“Lettuce comes from the ground, therefore it can go back into the ground,” she said. “It’s biodegradable. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.” Haha. Lady tries to plead innocence by taking the biodegradable defense.

Canon in D Rock (from Artemyst) – Remember that video I showed you awhile ago with that guy playing Canon in D (minor or major?) on his guitar and mixing rock elements into it. Someone either ripped the audio and converted into an mp3 or the artist posted his music online. Welp, here you go! Add it to your music collection!

Jobs to scoop $3.5bn as Pixar board approves Disney takeoverThe board of Pixar Animation Studios, the digital animations company, is set to meet tomorrow to approve the company’s $7bn (£3.9bn) takeover by Disney. Sigh… Pixar gave in!?!?! Though Steve Jobs does become the largest share holder of Disney stock… Weird turn of events, but I guess you can’t really resist $3.5 billion.

Bash Quotes (from Tera):

<alan> if you were a credit card, you’d be a visa, since you’re everywhere i want to be.
<sp4nk> You’d be American Express. No one accepts you.

<Dogan> So my teacher’s friend’s friend or something
<Dogan> She was dogsitting one day
<Dogan> Shows up the first time, finds the dog dead on the floor, right?
<Nightryde> how embarrassing
<Dogan> SO she’s gotta pack the dog corpse up and take it to the vet so they can dispose of it or whatever
<Dogan> She can’t find anything to fit it in, so she stuffs it in a freaking SUITCASE
<Dogan> She didn’t have a car so she has to take the train through Chicago
<Zeelot> oh mannnn
<Dogan> This guy helps her carry the case on and is like
<Dogan> “this is pretty heavy, what’s in it?”
<Dogan> lady replies “just some computer things”
<Nightryde> AHAHAHA HOW would you pawn that sort of thing???

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