AMV Hell 3

AMV Hell 3 (from Deadlock) (AMV Hell’s homepage)

When I first saw this, it reminded me of Robot Chicken.

The video is an hour and 8 minutes long. Some were funny, but most were rather stupid. The only reason I’m bring this video up is because there was a short clip of Grenadier in it that reminded me of Equilibrium, but a lot sexier.

Remember that animated gif I posted awhile ago where spare bullets popped out of a woman’s breast and loads them into her gun while the bullets were in mid-air. This is the same anime. I ended up getting the entire season to find this clip. Turns out to be on the last episode (episode 12). You can watch the clip here (direct download), but since this is from the last episode, it may contain spoilers. If you’re watching it in your browser, do note that the file is 16megs and will require for the whole file downloaded before it can start playing, so give it some time. You might also want to change your video size to “WIDE” or else the proportions won’t be correct. Tera says this anime was mostly fan service. My brief skim of the anime didn’t reveal anything interesting, so I probably won’t be watching this.

I just added an additional part to the clip: Grenadier – Equilibrium Clip (direct download). Though I must warn you, it is not work safe.

To actually find out the anime’s title, I went to my friend Tera:

<Krunk> hey tera
<Krunk> what’s that anime
<Krunk> where it’s like females shooting guns
<Krunk> but the bullets
<Krunk> spare bullets
<Tera> come out of her tits
<Tera> grenadier
<Krunk> are stored between their tits
<Krunk> yah
<Tera> lol
<Krunk> thanks
<Tera> i was reading ur mind
<Krunk> haha
<Tera> by <Krunk> but the bullets
<Tera> it’s not a bad show
<Tera> fanservice aside
<Tera> but i like anime like that
<Tera> so my opinion is biased
<Tera> jsut telling u
<Tera> i’ve been trying to find wallpaper for it but there’s nothing good =(
<Krunk> haha
<Krunk> i just want to screen capture the equlibrium parody

During my quest to rip this clip for you guys, I found this very useful guide: How to convert matroska MKV to AVI or OGM to AVI. Worked exactly as advertised. I love it when they tell you what tools you need, they actually link you to the tools.

There was this other tool I tried: SUPER v2006. SUPER stands for Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer. It is suppose to be able to convert any file to any other file. The interface looked simple when I tried it, but it had problems splitting up the MKV, which I don’t think they support anyway. I actually found this file when I was searching for ways to convert Google video files to divx and xvid, so you might want to try it out.

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