pya! FLOOD

Another round of pya! FLOOD!

Some previews:

try defeating me
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.
わたしを倒してみろ!! – Try Defeating Me!!

sumo fighting
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.
スモウグラップラーズ – Sumo Fighting

boxer kiss
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.
チュウ♥ – Kiss♥

(img) 力こぶ – Biceps – when you’re born with natural guns
(vid) 起きてるよ~ – Waking up – haha, this energy bar commercial almost had me for a moment
(img) ウォッカパン – Vodka bread – I guess the Real McCoy is hidden bottle of Vodka
(img) 雨どい – Rain Gutter – quite elaborate I must say
(img) ハート – Heart – made with a bunch of birds
(img) ダイエットしなきゃ – Off your diet – guy must be crazy to think his car would fit
(vid) ウエイトリフティング – Weight Lifting – a bunch of funny home videos
(img) 自由の女ゴミ – Trash Statue of Liberty
(img) ダンスの踊り方 – How to Dance – learning the tricks when you’re young
(vid) 釣るより釣られろ – Fish Fishing Human
(img) 間抜けな電車事故 – Stupid Cable Car Accident – I wonder who had the right of way
(vid) 手品ではありません – Not a Magic Trick – disappearing Rubiks cube
(img) プリン – Purine – burnt toast
(img) いい味出してます – Yummy – Windows computer sushi
(img) リアル Zガンダム – Real Gundam Z
(img) たっぷり入れないでね – Stirring without a spoon
(img) 未来のマチュピチュ – Future Machu Picchu – turns out to be a place in Peru.
(img) ナイフキーパー – Knife Holder – also seconds as a stress reliever
(img) マイPC – My PC – built with Legos!
(flash) What is Love! – tons of hilarious renderings of the SNL skit
(img) (wan)舌長っ – Long Tongue
(img) 時代の変遷 – Change of Times – See how Alice of Wonderland has evolved!
(vid) エリーゼのために – Because of Elise – playing Fur Elise on a scanner
(vid) 手品ではありません – Not a Magic Trick – took me awhile to figure out how he did that with the Rubiks cube
(flash) スターウォーズ – Star Wars – why is Chewbacca a mop?
(mp3) マッチ – Match – some cool 3D surround sound
(img) 一筆書き – 1 stroke drawing – Totoro girl and Cat Bus
(img) これは便利!- Convenience! – toilet docking station for iPods and iPod Shuffles
(img) くねくね – Wavelike – fun or unfun drive?
(img) オーダーメイド – Custom Made – Face or Vase?
(img) 食べてchu – Please Eat – hamster is trying to feed bunny
(img) しまった! – Oh Shoot! – statue is trapped!
(img) よい子は – Good kids – why it’s great to have a little brother, until it’s his turn
(img) 整列 – Straight Line – Pikachu train

More to come tomorrow!

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