pya! FLOOD

Another round of pya! FLOOD!

Some previews:

gif action
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.

(img) フェニックス – Phoenix – a pretty drawing
(flash) BARBARIAN BOB – a fun flash game where you whack your sword against some soldiers
(img) 暗黒の祖 – Ancestor of Darkness – pretty lifelike figurine of Anakin Skywalker (well, besides the muscles)
(vid) ノータッチ – No Touch – is this allowed in ping pong (table tennis)? I was totally expecting it too! I’m guessing ping pong doesn’t have the serving rule where if it’s a fault if it doesn’t going to the opposite side
(img) クルッ – Crazy Flip
(flash) 変形 – Transformation – pretty neat little transformer
(vid) 11.75sec – amazing how he was able to determine his course of action just by studing the Rubiks cube for a few seconds
(img) 路上駐車 – Parking – sweet way to park a car in a tiny spot, especially with a Mini Cooper
(img) 連結nya – Connected Kittens – they’re cuddled up!
(img) 一筆書き(ドラえもん) – 1 Stroke Drawing (Doraemon)
(flash) Прачка – fun little game
(img) 昇龍 – Rising Dragon – as the sun rises…
(img) ママ~、こっち!こっち!- Mama, this! This! – cute bunny!
(img) チェス – Chess – nuts and bolts chess set
(flash) DE-ANIMATOR – fun little game where you shoot zombies
(flash) N Game – another fun little game where you jump around to collect coins
(img) ねずみとり – Rodent Trap – Parrot and mouse friends
(flash) storm the house – yet another fun little game where you defend your fort and fire at enemies
(flash) 爆発船 – SeaWar – yet another fun little game where you sink other ships
(img) 氷炎 – Ice Flame

Final one for awhile.

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