Happy Birthday Liam!

and congrats for getting into Georgia Tech!

Random Crap:

cowboy bebop vs naruto
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.
Cowboy Bebop VS Naruto (from Artemyst)
– looks like blatant copy of action moves

Fullmetal Alchemist – Chibi Party OAV (from Tokyotosho) – hilarious and awfully cute 6 minute video clip with tons of FMA characters in chibi bodies (big heads, tiny bodies, awfully cute).

US comedian called world’s ‘unsexiest’ manComedian Gilbert Gottfried, the voice of the Aflac Inc. duck in television commercials for the insurer, was crowned “unsexiest man in the world” by an alternative newspaper on Tuesday. There’s also a video of the report.

Man Rediscovers Gift Fruitcake From 1962Nesta’s two aunts sent him the fruitcake in November 1962 while he was stationed in Alaska with the Army. “I opened it up and didn’t know what to do with it,” Nesta said. “I sure wasn’t going to eat it, and I liked my fellow soldiers too much to share it with them.” As best he can remember, he packed the cake with the rest of his belongings and shipped it home to Waukesha when he left the military a few years later. He recently rediscovered the boxed fruitcake in the attic of his mother’s home in Waukesha.

Clinical web site may be target of porn seekersOf the more than 7800 dermatological images available on the site, 5.5 percent involve genital regions. However, 12 percent of queries for a specific diagnosis involved a genital area. Also, 37 percent of the requests for an anatomic site involved a genital region, and 12 percent of the 10,000 free text queries were for images of genitalia.

DB apparently fansubbed an episode of Pythagoras Switch. You can see my previous post on it. This episode contained 4 contraptions that I counted. It’s very much like a regular kids show (i.e. Sesame Street) with puppets and little kids teaching little kids. Here’s the torrent file (from Tokyotosho).

A rough decade for traditional camera makers mentions this article: Digital trend challenges camera makers: Camera buffs were stunned in January when Konica Minolta Holdings Inc., which traces its roots to 1873, said it was quitting the camera business altogether – digital and film – and selling its digital assets to rival Sony Corp. Nikon Corp. said the same month it would stop making seven of its nine film cameras and concentrate on digital models. Fuji Photo Film Co., which plans to cut 5,000 jobs, changed directions last month announcing it would spend nearly $8.5-million (U.S.) to diversify into pharmaceuticals. Europe’s biggest film maker, Germany’s AgfaPhoto GmbH, couldn’t adapt at all; it’s now bankrupt and liquidated. Meanwhile, Antonio Perez, who is leading Eastman Kodak Co. through a four-year digital remake, has warned that Kodak, the pioneer of point-and-shoot photography, is now “at the worst possible place” after a $1.03-billion third-quarter loss.

The Mega Man Effect for Windows (from MS newsgroup) – The Mega Man Effect is an application that emulates an effect seen in the classic NES game Mega Man 2. When you launch an OS X Windows application, the screen goes dark, stars sweep the night sky and your application’s icon is presented in a blue letter box bar with a cheesy 8-bit music introduction. Haha.

Deinsea 8 (from Artemyst) – The first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard Anas platyrhynchos (Aves: Anatidae) (page 243-247) On 5 June 1995 an adult male mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) collided with the glass façade of the Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam and died. An other drake mallard raped the corpse almost continuously for 75 minutes. Then the author disturbed the scene and secured the dead duck. Dissection showed that the rape-victim indeed was of the male sex. It is concluded that the mallards were engaged in an ‘Attempted Rape Flight’ that resulted in the first described case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard. I’ve read this article somewhere before.

Will Ferrell – Bush on Global Warming (from MS newsgroup) – hilarious parody video!

AskMen.com – Joke of the Day (from Cari). Found a couple I thought I’d share:

Man Accused of Changing Traffic Lights– A man who said he bought a device that let him change traffic lights from red to green has received a $50 ticket on suspicion of interfering with a traffic signal. Jason Niccum of Longmont told the Daily Times-Call that the device, which he bought on eBay for $100, helped him cut his time driving to work. Interesting… I wonder if this same device works on traffic lights around here.

That’s a pretty big curse…Russian police are looking for two mystics who persuaded a student to part with more than $160,000 in exchange for lifting a curse, RIA news agency reported Sunday. I mean if you’re dumb enough to believe that…

one red paperclip (from Decathanerd) – My name is Kyle MacDonald and I am trying to trade one red paperclip for a house. I started with one red paperclip on July 12th, 2005 and I am making a series of trades for bigger or better things. My current item up for trade is one year in Phoenix. Do you want one year of FREE rent in Phoenix? Pop your offer over to me at (oneredpaperclip@gmail.com) or give me a shout at 514-833-3980. (If you can’t get through – please send a text message) You can see the current offers here. I live in Montreal Canada but will go anywhere in the world for the right offer. – (click on the pictures below to read stories about each trade I’ve made so far.) He’s already up to 1 year in Phoenix (rent free apartment I presume).

Future sex: gizmos, robotsWhen America’s top sex researchers gathered recently to discuss the next decade in their field, some envisioned a future in which artificial sex partners could cater to every fantasy. “What is very likely to be present before 2016 would be a multi-sensual experience of virtual sex,” said Julia Heiman, director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Mobile phone users love their pornographyPorn has gone mobile. That’s one conclusion of a study done by Maryam Kamvar and Shumeet Baluja, computer science professors who are also affiliated with Google. The pair analyzed a random sampling of one million page view requests from mobile phones and PDAs last year, hoping to better understand the behavior of wireless search users. What they found is that wireless users really, really like porn. Less than 10 percent of all searches done on PCs these days are porn scavenger hunts, a number that is down 50 percent from 1997. As the Web has matured and more consumers have come online, porn’s percentage of searches has consistently dropped. On mobile phones, though, users are still partying like it’s 1997—more than 20 percent of all mobile queries looked at in the study were for “adult” content.

Jerry C (from Js8) – He now has his own homepage! The color is pretty awful (hot pink), but Js8 tells me it was designed by his sister. If you don’t know who Jerry C is, he’s the one that did Canon in D Rock.

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