Death Note

So I mentioned I finished reading the manga a few days ago. The ending was good and throughout the storyline, it was fun following their deductions and investigative skills.

As I mentioned before:

The premise of the story is every Death God (死神 – shinigami) has a notebook. In traditional stories (at least in Chinese folk tales), this is a notebook of the list of all living people, when they’ll die, and how they’ll die. The twist in this story is that this notebook is in fact blank, and Death Gods can write who’s ever name they want and how they die. Somehow a boy named Raito (ライと – Light), a teenage geinus, gets ahold of one of these notebooks and learns about its mysterious power. Raito uses the notebook for justice, killing off criminals. However, these unexpected deaths have raised suspicion in the police and investigation agencies around the world. A world class detective named L (also a teenager like Raito) tries to locate the person everyone on the internet has been calling Kira (キラ) and now it’s the battle between 2 geniuses. Click on show spoilers to find out more.

Spoilers: (Show)

Also, the trailer for the movie appears to be subbed: Death Note Movie Trailer (English Subtitles) (from BB)

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