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It’s been awhile since my last post. You can blame the TV. Been playing with it too much. It’s so sexy!

This past week was somewhat weird. I’ve had training for a course in Advanced Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo), which was quite informative. Unfortunately this 2-day class began at 9am, and for as long as I remembered, I don’t recall getting up at 8am for work. I also ended up going to sleep around 12am (ahhh! so early!) for those few days.

This past weekend, Stanman and his gang came over to my placed and we played the Wii, Guitar Hero, Xbox 360, and some other stuff on my new TV.

I’ve been meaning to post my new HTPC experience for awhile, but I’m still waiting to get my hard drive. I currently have the Seagate 250GB + 500GB 7200.10 SATA hard drives in my HTPC. They’re a bit noisy. I’ve already purchased the Western Digital 500GB SATA hard drive (which everyones seems to say is very quiet) and should be arriving this week, at which point, I’ll be swapping out the Seagates and putting in this Western Digital. Then my HTPC will be complete (minus the TV tuners, which is a later project) and I’ll blog about it.

When watching TV or movies on my new TV, I feel a bit odd, somewhat out of place. Before, I would always be multi-tasking. Watching a movie, surfing the net, and chatting with friends all at the same time. Now putting me on the couch and just watching TV feels a bit odd. I’m thinking I might just start using my laptop while I watch TV so I don’t feel so weird. That or I can purchase an exercise bike and force myself to exercise when I’m watching TV. Derek suggests that I make the bike be the power source of the TV so if I stop, the TV turns off.

More Creative and Beautiful Wallpapers (from Digg) – Wallpapers can be creative, inspiring, gorgeous and hilarious. Recently we’ve posted an overview of Selected Wallpapers for Desktop and Web Design and Christmas Wallpapers. Now it’s time for something fresh, original and creativie. Let’s take a look at some more creative and beautiful wallpapers for your personal desktop. A nice collection of sites with some pretty wallpapers.

$1500 electric guitar made from 1/3 of a $15 Ikea table (from Digg) – Zachary built a very nice looking electric guitar top from a $15 Ikea end table. He says he can build three tops from one end table.

Construction of the World’s Highest Bridge (from Digg) – Construction of the Millau Bridge in France – The Millau bridge over the River Tarn in the Massif Central mountains is more than 300m (984ft) high – taller even than the Eiffel Tower. With its concrete and steel pillars soaring high above the morning fog in the Tarn Valley, the construction makes a spectacular sight.

Speedtest.net (from Digg) – Another pretty neat speed testing site. A lot more fancier than Broadband Reports’ Speed Test.

Empty boxes and politeness dent generosityThe research by Victoria University of Wellington’s economics department showed that how much is already in a donation box, the mix of coins and notes, and what sorts of signs are present will influence how generous the public will be. … “The most important thing is to never leave the box empty,” said senior lecturer John Randal. … More banknotes than coins led to larger individual donations, but a fall in the number of donations, while more coins saw more donations but of a lower value. Interesting study.

Dog store sign angers Seattle residentsA newly opened store catering to very pampered dogs, especially female dogs, is getting more than questioning looks for its name, High Maintenance Bitch. Haha.

Wii Quarters (from Digg) – A parody Wii game cover for a common college game: Quarters. Hilarious piece of work.

Not just good, but good for you (from Digg) –

Mounting evidence suggests sex helps keep us healthy

  1. Easing depression and stress
  2. Relieving pain
  3. Boosting cardio health
  4. Countering prostate cancer
  5. Healing wounds
  6. Fighting aging

There were some rather funny/interesting quotes:

But wait, there’s more. A recent study of college students at the State University of New York in Albany suggests that semen acts as an antidepressant. Females in the study who were having sex without condoms (see safe sex caution, above) had fewer signs of depression than women who used condoms or abstained from sex.

I can’t resist another plug for semen. It’s possible that male goo can lower blood pressure. Another recent study found that women who gave their men oral sex, and swallowed, had a lower risk of preeclampsia, the dangerously high blood pressure that sometimes accompanies pregnancy.

The Poshest Gas Station in Los Angeles (from Digg) – A very funky modern architectural gas station. I didn’t know what poshest (or posh) meant, but according to dictionary.com, it means smart and fashionable. I would hardly describe this thing as “fashionable”. Also, it shows a clear misunderstanding of what octane is (i.e. 87, 89, 91) by describing them as good, better, and best respectively. I guess that’s what the common people believe to be the case.

Vegetables as we don’t see (from Digg) – An interesting assortment of animal carvings from vegetables and fruits:

bell pepper frogseggplant sealscauliflower sheepcabbage fishbell pepper rabbitpotato guinea pigmushroom seewawlettuce duckkiwi and orange and ice cream cones made of carrots and cauliflowersquash pigscreaming orange

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