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So Xyon and I were playing with the Windows calculator the other day and I brought up the fact that in scientific mode, there wasn’t a square root button, while on the other hand in standard mode, there was. The only way to do square root in scientific mode is to hit the x^y button and then punch in .5.

Anyway, I’d imagine that to do x^y (or x to the power of y), you would hit x followed by “^” followed by y followed by enter. However, Xyon tells me that “^” really means XOR in calculator. I’m like there must be some shortcut key (or hot key) to activate the power. Turns out, for the 1st time in history, when you right clicked something and clicked “What’s this?”, something useful actually got displayed.

We right clicked the x^y button and clicked “What’s this?” and it showed:

Computes x raised to the yth power. Use this button as a binary operator. For example, to find 2 raised to the 4th power, click 2 x^y 4 =, which equals 16.

To calculate the yth root of x use Inv+x^y.

Keyboard equivalent = Y

So according to this tooltip, to do square root of 49, I could hit 49 -> y -> .5 -> enter OR 49 -> i -> y -> 2 -> enter, which both will yield 7.

Here is the full list of keyboard shortcuts (from the help file):

Button: Key
%: %
(: (
): )
*: *
+: +
+/-: F9
: –
.: . or ,
/: /
0-9: 0-9
1/x: r
A-F: A-F
And: &
Ave: CTRL+A [average]
Backspace: BACKSPACE
Bin: F8 [binary]
Byte: F4
cos: o [cosine]
Dat: INS [
Dec: F6 [decimal]
Degrees: F2
dms: m [degree-minute-second]
Dword: F2
Exp: x [exponent/scientific notation]
F-E: v [scientific notation toggle]
Grads: F4
Hex: F5 [hexadecimal]
Hyp: h [hyperbolic]
Int: ; [integer]
Inv: i [inverse]
ln: n [natural logarithm]
log: l [logarithm]
Lsh: < [left shift]
Mod: %
n!: ! [factorial]
Not: ~
Oct: F7 [octal]
Or: |(pipe)
pi: p
Qword: F12
Radians: F3
s: CTRL+D [standard deviation]
sin: s [sine]
sqrt: @ [square root]
Sta: CTRL+S [statistics]
tan: t [tangent]
Word: F3
Xor: ^
x^2: @ [squared]
x^3: # [cubed]
x^y: y [raised to the power of]

Most are pretty intuitive. Others are somewhat obscure. One thing I did noticed was that @ was reused. In standard mode, it means square root. In scientific mode, it means squared. VERY BIG DIFFERENCE.

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