Pumpkin Scissors

I just finished this series which was recommended to me by both Maxxius and Artemyst. This series was really good and funny. Had a slight resemblance to Full Metal Alchemist, but maybe because both are comedies and relating to the military.

Spoilers: (Show)

I can’t wait for Season 2.

Any way, episode 18 contained a bunch of hilarious scenes with Stekkins, the little Sergeant Major girl. There are 2 versions of each video (large: 640×480 and small: 320×240), displayed respectively in that order.

Welp, I learnt a new Japanese phrase today: 一人上手 (hitori jouzu) which translates to literally “alone skillful”. However, according to the captions, it’s slang for masturbation. Stekkins goes and calls Machs the one-man machine! In fact, he’s the best one-man machine in the Empire. However, everyone hears it as he’s the number one masturbator in the empire. Check out this clip (work safe):

pumpkin scissors - hitorijouzupumpkin scissors - hitorijouzu

Then I found Stekkin’s finishing move to be awesome! And to name it Pumpkin Scissors and chop the guys head. Haha!

pumpkin scissors - finishing movepumpkin scissors - finishing move

Finally, she has the Lunatic Dance, where she goes Pa-Pa-Pa-Pumpkin, La-La-La-Pumpkin. There’s 2 versions of this song and one during the episode where she gets caught doing the dance and in fact, they used this song as the ending in this particular episode:

pumpkin scissors - lunatic dancepumpkin scissors - lunatic dance
pumpkin scissors - lunatic dancepumpkin scissors - lunatic dance

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  1. Just seen this ep and had to rewind and check that I’d read the sub right. Also found what Machs was doing during that scene to be amusing…