Someone from MS newsgroup sent out a link to this video: Haloid. It’s actually a really cool video showing a battle between Master Chief (from Halo) and Samus (from Metroid) and tons of those alien guys from Halo. The main battle music was from The Matrix where Neo battles a gazillion Agent Smiths. He even incorporated the spinning in a circle kick scene. The animation was done really well as well as the choreography. Unfortunately, even I knew Master Chief is suppose to be a guy. But I guess that gives it a twist. Oh, did I just spoil it for you? ;p

Artemyst wanted to download it, but GameTrailers didn’t make it easy. There was no direct download link and the actual location of the flv file was hidden since they call their flash movie viewer with an id, which goes and looks up the url in the background. However, nothing escapes Ethereal. I ended up getting this ip: and this location: /gt_fanmovies/um_31603-91737-HaloidFull-1176793690.flv. However, apparently their movies are on a shared server and resolves to 207-226-113-35.pccwglobal.net which gives me a 404 when I try to open the link.

However, Ethereal apparently also captures DNS lookups and the DNS lookup that resolved to was trailers.gametrailers.com.

So if you want to download Haloid to watch on your own computer outside a browser, you can do so by downloading: Haloid flv file.

Do note, you’ll need a FLV player to watch this. VLC Media Player and Media Player Classic both support it natively I believe, or maybe I had to install ffdshow to get the flv codec.

Anyway, enjoy!


Thanks to jpm for donating this link: Download File – Monty Oum – Haloid – High Resolution:

MOV [123.3 MB]
WMV [118.1 MB]
MP4 [46 MB]

No longer do you have to suffer the bad quality of FLV.

Random Crap:
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* UPDATE #2 *
Turns out the new direct HD downloads doesn’t have the final piece Master Chick VS Samus, where they have a dance off. If you download the FLV above, it still has the 1 minute clip at the ending.

I’ve decided to rip the Master Chick VS Samus clip from the FLV file. The video quality is large and small respectively:
master chick vs samusmaster chick vs samus

Don’t forget to checkout montyoum’s other works at deviantART and GameTrailers.

6 Replies to “Haloid”

  1. umm. No offense dude, but your kinda retarded. That wasnt Master Cheif in the video. That was just a SPARTAN. In the books there was about 32 SPARTANS including some women. Also, the SPARTAN used in that video was a special character from Dead or Alive for the Xbox.

  2. All I got to say is………Drkessence, you need to get laid and just appreciate the time, effort, and talent involved. What have you done?

  3. ok 1st of all the chick from this isnt the one from dead or alive 4 2nd of all their were 500 mark 2 spartains half being female half being male this spartain is like 348 or something close to that the male spartains are 1-250 and the female are 251-500

  4. It doesnt even matter, The person who wrote the books described the only female spartan who even mattered (Kelly) as a blonde white girl. It also said Master Chief with the Chief crossed out and chick there… John, spartan 117 was the ONLY spartan to make Chief Petty Officer (aka Master Chief). So the person who made the movie just wanted a girl to be in it… he probably knew that he was a guy and it didnt even matter. Master Chief was a guy, and he was white. There ya go

  5. Ok here’s for some real info. There are about 70 real spartan’s who passed all the training and augmentations and stuff. There are a few other girls who are spartans and another who mattered is linda, so kelly isn’t the only one. Total 150 kid were kidnapped to be spartan and the survival rate was less than half so go figure.

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