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So a couple weeks back, Ungsunghero mention he was drinking Coca Cola Coke that was made in Mexico and how great it tasted. For those that are unfamiliar with the differences between American coke and coke throughout the rest of the world, you’re definitely missing out. Coke in America is the only coke that is made with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). Everywhere else, they are made with sugar cane sugar. The reason being that America grows so much corn that it has no idea what to do with it. Therefore, they invented HFCS as a replacement for sugar. They are able to compete against real sugar because the government subsidizes them so much. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the real Coca Cola Coke when I’ve traveled back to Hong Kong and China and it was definitely better tasting.

There was a couple posts on Digg a few weeks ago talking about Passover Coke and Mexican Coca Cola spotted at Costco and everyone raves about them. The reason why there’s a Passover Coke is because they’re not allowed to eat anything made from corn during Passover, so the only sodas they can drink must be made with sugar or something alternative to corn. I’ve been meaning to check out Costco the last few times I went, but always forgot about it.

While I was entering Costco today… Actually while I was in line for a churro (I purchase a churro before I do my Costco shopping so I can eat while I shop), I noticed the guy next to me had 3 boxes of Coca Cola in glass bottles. Look at it more carefully, on the side, it said: Hecho en México (Made in Mexico). I was like sweet! Costco is still selling Mexican Coca Cola.

So after I picked up my items I was looking for, I went searching for the soda section. I’ve never really purchased soda at Costco as they aren’t usually cheaper than when it’s on sale in supermarkets, plus the fact I’ve never seen soda at the Issaquah Costco felt funny. I mean, I know exactly where the soda is at the Montebello Costco, because they’re all together next to the other beverages. So I searched in the beverage section and then the alcohol section, and neither area had soda. I know they sell soda, so I flagged down someone and asked him where the soda section is.

It turns out that the soda section is actually split along the end of 3 or 4 aisles in the back, right across from the bread section. I had noticed the bread section earlier, but didn’t realize or even think it was possible that soda would be across from it. I was also expecting them to be stuck together and not split across several aisles. The employee asked me what soda I was looking for. I think he found it weird I didn’t know where the soda section is, so he got curious. I told him I was looking for the Coca Cola made in Mexico. He goes, well, you better hurry, we’re almost out. Indeed, there were only like 7 or 8 boxes left (at least on display). Who knows how many they have in the back. It was stacked on top of the regular canned coke.

Anyway, the cost was $17.99 for 24 bottles, coming to 75¢ each. I picked up a case.

When I got home, I really wanted to taste it, but it wasn’t chilled yet, so I tried the old trick where you put it into a bowl of water and ice and add some salt to it and put it into the freezer. I left it in the freezer for 10 minutes and it was mildly chilled, but not really enough for me to enjoy a coke. I guess the trick works to some extent. The coke was still awesome though.

As Ungsunghero pointed out, these glass bottles are 355ml, which is equivalent to 12 fl. oz., the same volume as a can of soda, but not the same volume as a regular bottle of soda.

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  1. Thanks for the tip Krunky, I never knew there was a difference. I’m gonna pick up a case next time I go to Costco, even though I am cutting down on my soda intake. :-X

  2. SueOn just asked me how a salt, water, ice mixture would help cool things faster and here’s the reason behind it (from Toms Variety):

    When salt is added to ice it melts so rapidly that it uses some of it’s own thermal energy to turn itself into water. When the ice gives up it’s thermal energy it becomes colder and the ice and salt water mix can be as cold as 14° – 15° F.

    Cheers for MexiCoke!

  3. Well I bought a case from Costco, so for anybody who hasn’t tasted Hecho en Mexico Coke, it’s much smoother than regular coke. It tastes kinda like Coke does after it goes flat, but it’s still carbonated like regular. I’ve been drinking regular Coke maybe once or twice a month, but with this MexiCoke I’ve been drinking two bottles a day. 😡 Thanks Krunk, for expanding my waistline!

  4. Ryan hit it right on the head.

    MexiCoke goes down so smoothly, compared to the “domestic” crap we have.

    I gotta go check out my local Costco to see if they carry MexiCoke.

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