Traffic Jam Game

Well, it’s not exactly a game, but I’m curious who else out there does this. Whenever I get stuck in a traffic jam, the most difficult decision I have to make is whether to change lanes or not. And for some reason, almost immediately after I change lanes, the lane I was originally on becomes faster. Of course this is all in my mind, so I ended up coming up with a game. What I do is before I change lanes, I mark the car behind me. By mark, I mean remember its color and shape and model, etc.

What I do then is always keep an eye out for him. If he never passes me, I’m happy since I had made the correct decision. If he does pass me and I never get the chance to pass him again, that means I made a bad decision by switching lanes, and that makes me sad.

Usually throughout the entire traffic jam, I’ll have about 2 or 3 cars marked, since I usually change lanes about 2 or 3x.

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