Piano Medley

Angelus shared this video with me earlier today: ピアノで「混ぜ過ぎし曲数は億千万」を弾き倒した. This guy’s rather amazing on the keyboard.

Since Nico Nico Douga requires registration and some delay before you can actually watch the videos, I decided to see if I can download it and upload it to my gallery. Using Ethereal, I wasn’t able to get anywhere. However, it turns out that Firefox actually cached the whole FLV file, which I in turn converted to WMV:

piano medley

I’m assuming the pianist is Japanese and that many of the songs he is playing is from animes and video games.

The few that I can point out are:

There were so many other songs that sounded really familiar. If you can point them out and tell me, I’d appreciate it!

As Skylancer says and I agree: makes me feel like practicing the piano again and finding sheet music =p


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  1. I spent some time translating (what I could) of the titles that flash as she plays. The titles of the pieces she plays are in orange text btw.

    Omoide wa okusenman
    Intoro – Higurashi no naku toki Kai ED
    Catalina’s Theme – Romancing Saga 3
    Killing me softly with his song – Various singers
    Catalina + killing me softly – rearrangement mix
    Anata ga…. inai – School Days (anime) ED
    Swallowtail Butterfly ~Ai no Uta~ – Yen Town Band
    Jupiter – Houst? Haust? From [Planets] 4th Song
    Sennen Gensou Mura? ~History of the Moon~ – Some game title, I can pronounce it in chinese… but i am not sure if you will care for that.
    Brinja? – From the same game as above.

    My vid cut off at this point, so I can’t read the rest of the titles. If you got a flv copy of the file, you can mail it to me and I can translate the rest with my dictionary.

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