Fried Rice

So I had some left over beef turnip dish thingy from Sichuanese Cuisine earlier this week and decided to finish it up. I also had some left over rice I had prepared to make fried rice with. I was taught that left over rice is the best for doing fried rice, due to the fact that freshly cooked rice sticks to the wok and is too mushy. Leave it in the fridge overnight and the rice-lings harden up. Anyway, I was trying to figure out what type of meat I wanted to add to my fried rice. What better than to use this already cooked meat.

So while I was at Safeway, I picked up some green onion and peas and carrots. I already had eggs, so now I was complete.

fried rice in wokfried rice in wokfried ricefried rice

It tasted actually really good. Too bad the chili peppers weren’t really edible, so I had to picked them out. However, it did make my fried rice spicy, and that was definitely added an interesting flavor.

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