Yesterday’s Web Traffic

So when I was checking my stats today, I noticed a GIGANTIC spike:

web traffic - 2007-11-19

My average daily visitor fluctuates between 250 to 350 as you can see from the flat line. However yesterday, it jumped to over 1700!!!

According to the stats, 84% of yesterday’s traffic came from Digg, Google, and StumbleUpon and as you can see from the lower bottom corner, the main attraction appears to be the post on Animal Crossing Tragedy, with over 1900 page views.

I also realized my view counter is broken, which currently registers only 44 views. I had a suspicion for the longest time that it was broken, but couldn’t really tell for sure. Google Analytics often showed particular pages having a lot higher view counts than what my counter showed. I believe it may have to do with the caching that I enabled and I guess when it loads a cached page, view count doesn’t get incremented. And since cached pages expired hourly, the max it’ll increment by is 1 per hour. Cached pages are also cleaned out whenever I modify an entry and so on. I will probably look into that later.

Once again… wow!

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