2 Hilarious Videos

Got 2 videos I wanted to share with you.

Mintys Comedian Of The Month May 2007 – Jim Jeffries

This month, we take a look at Jim Jeffries. Jim is what is commonly referred to as “filthy”, but we don’t often get to see him saying exactly what he wants on TV. However, in this set taken from the comedy show “Comedy Blue”, Jim is given free reign to say what he pleases.

Please be aware that this video contains very strong language, and themes which are suitable for neither work, the easily offended, nor children. You have been warned!

RayAlome shared this with me a couple days ago and this guy Jim Jeffries is freaking hilarious. I cracked up multiple times throughout the video. Here’s some more testimonies:

omfg krunkie, i almost died laughing at that one – Artemyst

I was on the floor for a little of that – RayAlome

Do be warn however and this is vile and filthy and probably not work safe (NSFW). If you have kids, you’ll probably want to put them to beside or send them outside before you click on that link. Given that, I don’t want to divulge anything to weaken the joke, yet it’s so hard to not be intrigued unless you know a little something. Let’s just put in this way, it involves a pair of chopsticks, an egg, and a whole lot of shit.

Next, I saw this video off Ungsunghero’s newest blog entry: American Idol: We’re Brothers Forever

A hilarious audition on American Idol featuring Renaldo Lapuz singing the now famous song “We’re Brothers Forever” during his try out. Watch the ending also, he looks like he worships Simon!

This guy all dressed up in what looks like a pimp outfit, with the name Simon on his hat, comes and sings this hilarious song: We’re Brothers Forever. Simon is right, he predicted this would be a one-hit wonder and it sort of already has. Do be warned that this song may be stuck in your head for hours, yet you shouldn’t avoid it just because of that, because it’s just so awesome! When the gang joined him in singing and started doing interpretive dancing, it just got that much more funnier.

Will he become the next William Hung? Maybe.

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