Toilet Paper Usage

WARNING: You may be disgusted by the following post or may be screaming TMI!!! by the end of this post.

So I was reading this blog post the other day: How to Use Toilet Paper and I’ve never realized there were so many different methods to wipe your butt.

Running Out of Toilet Paper

I personally put a new roll of toilet paper on the top of each toilet in case of emergencies. That way I won’t be tempted to use it and when I do run out of toilet paper from the toilet paper roll dispenser, I just swap in the extra roll. Worse case scenario is if I forget to replace the replacement afterwards, I have extra rolls inside the cabinets underneath the sink. It does require further reach though.

Fold vs Crumble

I’ve personally never heard of the “crumble” method until I read this article. I was always taught to use the fold method as a child (I guess it was part of the potty training I received). I was told to only use 4 pieces of toilet paper to conserve toilet paper and not waste it. However, sometimes they’re too thin and I need 5 or 6 sheets to prevent accidentally poking through. I asked my sister and apparently she was taught the crumble method (guess my dad and mom use different methods for wiping), but she’s swapped over to the fold method to conserve toilet paper also. I personally don’t mind actually touching poop. I mean why is it so bad to touch it when you’re satisfied with just wiping your butt without actually washing it. Worse case, just wash your hands thoroughly with soap afterwards.

I agree, if you have a poop-phobia, the crumble method may suit you better.

Front vs Back

Another thing is I’ve always wiped my butt reaching in from the front. It’s just another thing I’ve been taught. I was reading some comments and how people are afraid of actually having poop touch their genitals, but it’s been 25 years and I don’t recall one incidence of that happening. And even if it does, please see the previous paragraph. My problem with reaching from the back is that I actually have to scoot forward and make a hole behind me that’s big enough for me to stick my hands in. Then again, I guess I was just taught to sit back and relax when taking a dump. I still recall the times I would sit in there for hours reading Goosebumps and by the time I realize there’s a big red circle around my bottom (from sitting on the toilet seat too long), the poop around my butt has already hardened and has become painful to wipe.

Pidgin v2.4.1 fixes Unicode Support for AIM

Just got a notice that Pidgin v2.4.1 was released. According to the changelog:

Treat AIM Unicode messages as UTF-16 rather than UCS-2; this should have no functional effect, other than continued support on systems which have dropped UCS-2 conversions.

As I noted, it was a major blocker for me to fully adopt Pidgin, but I guess they got the message from all the feedback they have been receiving. I just gave the new version a whirl, and it has indeed fixed AIM Unicode support.

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Once again, not much updates this week. My sister and grandma just left, but my mom’s staying an extra week. Hopefully, I’ll find some time to post some entries this week.

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Sorry for the lack of recent updates. Had some friends visit me middle of last week and my mom and sister are up here this and next week.

Dropkick Murphys Song Pack Free on Xbox LIVE Marketplace (Guitar Hero III)

Got this via RSS feed earlier this week:

Celtic punk will never be the same.

Guitar Hero III®: Legends of Rock will be kicking off the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with a special free track pack from the popular Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys.

Straight from the band’s sixth album, The Meanest of Times, the Dropkick Murphys pack will include master recordings of “Famous for Nothing,” “(F)lannigan’s Ball” and “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya.” The track pack will be available for free to download on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock downloadable content is instantly playable and available in the Downloaded Songs set list in ALL game modes (Career, Co-Op Career, Quickplay, Multiplayer, Practice and all Online modes). Check out the Marketplace regularly for the latest tracks.

It mentioned that it was free to starting from St. Patrick’s Day, but doesn’t mention any expiration date, so I’m going to assume this isn’t just some limited time promotion. Enjoy!

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Here’s this week’s top post:

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  7. Last Week: #4 Windows Update Error: 80070490
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2 past winners have reappeared.

I’m pretty sure the Animal Crossing Tragedy was due to the fact that someone posted on Digg: The best comic of all time!.

However, it appears the Six Flags Discount (~50% Off) is probably due to the fact summer is coming up? Most of the referrals were from Google.

Initial Impressions of New Bed

So I got to sleep in my new bed last night (Modus Furniture 5PC Queen Bedroom Set Nouveau II and PosturePedic Sterlingshire Firm Queen Set) and here are my initial impressions:

  • The height of the bed was not as bad as I originally thought it would be. If I tippy-toe and lift up one leg, I appear to be able to slide into the bed without much problem. Derek did tell me that he had a similar height problem with his bed and ended up removing the box spring and he hasn’t had problems with his mattress warping, though he does rotate it every once in awhile. Tekman apparently also removed the box spring, but doesn’t bother rotating the mattress to keep it from warping.
  • The mattress was rather comfortable. It did initially feel strange and foreign, but I fell asleep with not much problems.
  • The bed is definitely too wide or maybe sleeping in the center wasn’t the ideal location. When the alarm went off this morning, my hands couldn’t reach the snooze button. Maybe that’s a good thing.
  • It definitely felt weird waking up in a different room. The lighting also wasn’t correct, but I can’t really pinpoint why since the lighting in the other room changes a lot.
  • Pikachu definitely likes the new bed. He has more space to run around when I’m not around.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied 🙂

Going through my photos, I found this one to be rather neat:
dresser with mirror in light and shadows

New Bedroom Set Has Arrived

So my new bedroom set was delivered and assembled today. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:
bedroom setbedroom setbedroom setbedroom setbedroom setbedroom set

Once again, this is the Modus Furniture 5PC Queen Bedroom Set Nouveau II and PosturePedic Sterlingshire Firm Queen Set. You can view the full gallery album here: New Bedroom Set

Anyway, it’s the 1st day and I already made some nicks and scratches on it. Haha. What do you expect from a guy who backed up his car into a rock and put a dent in his bumper. There was a note in the drawers that said nicks/scratches could be covered up with mar or touch-up stick. Guess I’ll be dropping by my local Lowes this weekend.

The reason I accidentally ended up scratching it was due to the fact I was quite unaccustomed to the new height of the bed. All my previous beds and even my parents’ bed are only knee height. Meaning I can sit on the bed and my feet can touch the floor. With this new bed, the height of my bed is up to my waist and I even stood there for a minute or two trying to decide on how to actually climb (literally) into bed. I mean before, I would just turn around (back facing bed), sit down, and then lie down. Now I actually have to hop or push myself up onto it.

So I decided to remove the box spring and the height was much more familiar:
bedroom set

However, during dinner with Xyon, he told me there’s actually a purpose to the box spring. It’s to keep the mattress level so it doesn’t bend and warp, providing equal support to the base of the mattress. That made sense, so I’ve now reinstalled the box spring, and ended up with some scratches on the bed frame.

I also purchased some sheets (Eddie Bauer® Home Solid Flannel for $20 after 20% off coupon) over the weekend for the bed and they turned out quite nicely. The set came with 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. I opted to use the fitted sheet, but I’m not exactly sure if there’s a purpose for the flat sheet. I wonder if it’s used to cover the box spring.

My down comforter I got from Costco a long time ago when I first moved up here was already Queen sized (apparently the only size they sell at Costco), so I had no need for a new comforter.

bedroom set

All the handles on the dresser and nightstands were inverted for shipping. I was instructed by the delivery people all I had to do was unscrew it and screw them back in on the opposite side. It was a bit tedious, but it didn’t take as long as I had expected.

Naruto Shippuuden – Why Do You Go So Far For Him?

Naruto Shippuuden - Why Do You Go So Far For Him?
(Click thumbnail to watch video clip)

In one of the recent episodes of Naruto Shippuuden (Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles), I found Naruto’s dialog to be quite touching/emotional and wanted to share.


Why do you go so far for him?
Why are you trying so hard to bring him back,
willing to risk your life by going up against Orochimaru to do it?
Why? You haven’t been ordered to do this.


Sasuke is my friend.
Someone who I was finally able to form a bond with.


A… bond?
But still, against Orochimaru, you…


I don’t care who I have to fight!
If he rips my arms off, I’ll kick him to death.
If he rips my legs off, I’ll bite him to death!
If he rips my head off, I’ll stare him to death!
And if he gouges out my eyes, I’ll curse him beyond the grave!
Even if I’m torn to shreds, I’m taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru!

Then today I saw this on Digg: The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975), referring to Obama vs Clinton. I thought it resembled the quote above, but in a totally different context.

Buddha vs Bodhisattva

So during a recent dinner with some of my friends, the topic of Buddhism came up. The topic of 菩薩 (pu sa) came up and I made the claim that 菩薩 (pu sa) was translated to Buddha in English. I mean 菩薩 (pu sa) does in fact sound like Buddha. Immediately there were many objections. They argued that Buddha was really one person and it was Siddhartha, the one who found Buddhism in India.

I then brought up, what about Happy Buddy (or Laughing Buddha). Happy Buddha is typically depicted with a big belly with little children around him. This was obviously not the same Siddhartha.

So I claimed that any name with ___菩薩 (___ pu sa), was really ___ Buddha. The example I brought up was 觀音菩薩 can be translated to Guan Yin Buddha.

Since none of us really knew enough about Buddhism (despite most of us being Asian), the topic ended there with no satisfactory answer.

When I got home, I decided to do my research and I was surprised by how different it was than I imagined. Using Babelfish, Buddha was translated to 菩薩 (pu sa), but translating that back to English resulted in Bodhisattva. Then again, Babelfish translation should never be used for any type of proof.

Apparently I was wrong in saying 菩薩 (pu sa) was Buddha, when the correct word I believe should be 佛 (fo). 菩薩 (pu sa) instead translates to Bodhisattva, a word I have never heard of or used until now, but it’s a common suffix used by many of the gods/idols in ancient Chinese folktale.

My friends however were somewhat incorrect in saying there is only 1 Buddha. The fact is there’s been 28 incarnations already, the last one being Gautama Buddha (Siddhartha). They’ve even predicted the 29th Buddha and has named him Maitreya Buddha. Something fascinating about how one becomes a Buddha is the fact there are certain criteria that has to be met.

Buddha is another word to refer to the “awakened one” or one who has reached the state of perfect enlightenment.

In the Pali Canon and the Theravada tradition, the term ‘buddha’ usually refers to one who has become enlightened (i.e., awakened to the truth, or Dharma) on their own, without a teacher to point out the Dharma, in a time when the teachings on the Four Noble Truths or the Eightfold Path do not exist in the world, and teaches it to others. More broadly, it is occasionally used to refer to all who attain nirvana. By comparison, those who awaken due to the teachings given by a Buddha are known as Arahants, a title also applied to Buddhas. Arahants and Buddhas are the same in the most fundamental aspects of Liberation (Nirvana), but differ in their practice of perfections paramis.

In the Mahayana tradition, the definition of Buddha extends to any being who becomes fully awakened. The Theravada Arhant would be considered a kind of Buddha (although not generally by Mahayana Buddhism itself) in this Mahayana sense, and this usage also occurs in the Theravada commentaries.

In other words, someone can only reach Buddhahood ONLY if teachings of Buddhism have been lost and you have found the teachings on your own and awaken/become enlightened. No wonder there’s only been 28 so far, as one has to wait for the teachings of Buddhism to be lost, to be able to become a Buddha. Of course it later mentions that more broadly, it refers to all who reaches nirvana.

From this article:

Some Bodhisattvas live in the Tuṣita Heaven before they descend to the human realm to become Buddhas. A bodhisattva may be thought of as an individual near to becoming a buddha.

So it appears that if a 菩薩 (pu sa) descends into the human realm when teachings of Buddhism have been lost and rediscovers these teachings and teaches it to others, this 菩薩 (pu sa) would have reached Buddhahood.