Weezer – Pork and Beans Music Video

So I got this music video from Digg: Weezer – Pork and Beans. Besides the fact it’s quite a catchy song and I’ve had it on loop for the past 8 hours, the music video was awesome. It has tons of internet memes and I’m curious if all them are the real thing.

Here’s the list of videos reference (collected from Digg comments and other sites):

The ones I quite haven’t figured out are:

rainbow socks
Rainbow Socks?

unknown internet memesspaceshipdancing gorillas and duck
So there’s a spaceship, a trio of dancing cg animation of what I assume to be gorillas and a duck with a purple hat, a panda, and some naruto like guy?

Update: Jon commented that the panda was from the Sneezing Panda video.

Update #2: While going through YouTube’s All Time Most Viewed videos, I landed on kicesie’s videos, and her icon is a girl with rainbow socks on the couch. I’m going to assume that’s what Weezer was going after with the rainbow socks girl in this video: Best Sex Ever!!!

Update #3: While searching for most viewed videos with “sword” or “ninja”, I landed on this: Urban Ninja, which featured a guy wearing a black shirt with a red 天 (sky) on his back:

urban ninja

But he doesn’t wield a sword, so I don’t think he’s the one featured in the video. The only video game/anime character I can think of that has a 天 on his back is Akuma (Gouki) from Street Fighters:

akuma - hd remix

However, Tera agrees with me that the guy looks more like he’s from Naruto.

Update #4: Thanks to chloe for pointing out they also referenced the video clip of where several guys throw and catch rayban sunglasses with their face, as shown in the video where the Mentos “scientists” throws a goggle and the GI Joe character catches it.

Update #5: Thanks to Schmuel for pointing out that the Donald duck and the dancing gorillas were from a serious of 3D rendered Disney character videos made with motion capture: Worst. MoCap. Ever.. You can see more of these videos on doctorlegua’s YouTube Channel. Apparently these were made with some software called iClone.

Update #6: Thanks to Bryan for pointing out the UFO/spacecraft video: UFO Haiti

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  1. They also referenced the catching the raybans with faces video… When one of the guys tosses the goggles and GI Joe man catches it with his face.

  2. The spaceship is from video called “UFO Haiti”. It’s a super realistic animation that made a lot of people start UFO hunting in Haiti, until it was later debunked.

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