Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • @ralphlee We were just playing Greater Catan earlier today. in reply to ralphlee #
  • w00t! No work tomorrow, yet I feel sleepy. Booo. #
  • @ralphlee It’s a variation of the game using 2 Settlers of Catan + 1 Seafarers of Catan. in reply to ralphlee #
  • @hungtruong Not sure if you’ve seen this before: Ricky Jay penetrates a watermelon – – was on Digg a few weeks back. in reply to hungtruong #
  • How To Use Your Dishwasher Properly: (via @consumerist) I don’t fully agree with their suggestions. #
  • @hungtruong Indeed it did, I think it’s chance. It probably has to hit at a precise angle. in reply to hungtruong #
  • @ralphlee It’s not really that huge and it turned out rather fun. Definitely requires a different strategy than regular Catan. in reply to ralphlee #
  • @bartonjs Something I hope I’d never have to experience ;p in reply to bartonjs #
  • Yet another reason why dogs are superior to cats: #
  • Fans of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ may enjoy Barney Stinson’s @brocode #
  • @ralphlee Of course you can always decrease inconvenience/sweat by increasing the cost. ;p in reply to ralphlee #
  • Episode of GITS:SAC where Battou goes undercover to spy on an ex-boxer is currently my favorite. What happened to the Tachikomas is so SAD! #
  • The power of free food at Microsoft. Cupcakes all gone! 🙂 #
  • How the hell can car dealer(s) get away with this: #
  • wonders if I can write off my Netflix subscription as a cost of business for my HD Trailers site. I mean I do write reviews once in awhile. #
  • Don’t forget to sign up for Discover’s 5% cashback on all restaurant purchases for the month of June 2009. #
  • RT @rianjs: “Equal rights for men” Easy to forget equality cuts both ways #
  • Google Analytics needs to include GET parameters in their referral link. I have way too many showthread.php links. #
  • Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series [HD DVD] for $30 shipped at #
  • @ralphlee My Costco still sells aussie pies. Haven’t ever tried it though. in reply to ralphlee #
  • @delconte Public Transportation (BART) in reply to delconte #
  • 保濟丸 (Bo Jai Yun) – magical little brown pellets that fixes any stomachaches: #
  • 4th Law of Gravity: Any small object when dropped will hide under a larger object. #
  • Motivation Poster: You were born a winner. You were the fastest sperm. #
  • Baby otters are so adorably cute!
    They even chrip! #
  • Did you know 邪魔 (jama) in お邪魔します (ojama shimasu) meaning ‘sorry to intrude’ uses the kanji for ‘evil’? #

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