I’ve been playing a lot of DrawSomething recently to the point I’ve had to scale back. At first I wasn’t sure what the point of the game was as I had assume it was competitive in nature like Words With Friends, but after a round or 2, I realized it was much more of a cooperative game where you get points for both drawing and guessing. The goal of the game is really just to have fun.

There’s coin collecting, but that just really unlocks new paint colors for you.

Sometimes I would spend 5mins or so drawing 1 picture. Others I’d complete in under a minute.

A couple features I really wished they would add:

  • Undo! Many times I screwed up and try to erase and screw up even more.
  • Chat box. Wish there was some way to communicate with your friend w/o having to result in writing text as part of your drawing.
  • Gallery. I wish I could see all my past drawings as well as drawings I’ve guessed on.
  • Switch to another game. Once you’ve started guessing or drawing for someone, there’s no way currently to switch to someone else, unless you kill the app.

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