Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08

  • Finally switched over to Quicken Mac 2007. The UI is horrendous, but it beats booting into Parallels just to manage my finances. #
  • @angelgrrl813 I do, but I use Mint and Quicken very differently. Quicken allows me to enter future transactions and is better for budgeting. in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • @nest It would be awesome if you guys can release a Mac widget so I can control my nest w/o the browser. 😀 #
  • @FlurryMobile Any updates on your UDID-free SDK that is scheduled to be released today? Thanks! (^_^x) #
  • Avatar fans enjoy! The 1st 2 episodes of the new series The Legend of Korra is available on iTunes for free: #
  • Think of it as drinking 8 bottles of soda. 😉 #

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