New addition to my body

that was a good sleep. 5am to 5pm. Wow 12 hrs. guess I was really tired. Hehe. Today was a good day. Went to Target (college student’s heaven), but I didn’t find my downy balls. Sigh. Walmart is better because they have downy balls. Target didn’t have the foosball we came to look for either. It was on sale for $24. Check out this foosball table. Even online for $35 + s/h (~$40) is still a really good deal. Both the Target @ El Cerrito and Pinole had these clearance items sold out. Sigh…

guess what guys!!! Science Olympiad is in a week!!!! For those that actually check my site, GOOD LUCK!! I hope you guys will “enjoy” this year’s competition and be able to perform your best. Cross your fingers and hope mango won’t be in one of her moods that day. (for some reason she always is, especially after the competition where she criticizes everything *shiver*). Hmmmmm, I wonder if my site will ever reach her. I’d be in deep sh*t if it does. Hehe. I also hope she has NO IDEA what a krunk is.
I got my haircut today!!! Thanks to the almighty sam and his clipper skills. He also gave me a

My tail. I still haven’t decided to keep it yet. Initial responses from my friends weren’t that great, however they say it gives me attitude, but I believe they’re just trying to console me.

Oh yeah, I updated yesterday’s news because apparently I forgot something very important.

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