Ages of the GrandDaughters

so tired. Been running all day on 2 hrs of sleep since this morning @ 8am. Not going to talk much today, just a riddle I got from a CS TA during our midterm yesterday. Supposedly when u get interviewed by Microsh*t, the first question they ask you is a riddle. So here goes:

Two old men were sitting on a porch. Old man #1 asked old man #2 to guess the ages of his 3 granddaughters. The sum of their ages is equal to the street number of this house. The product of their ages is equal to 36. Old man #2 began to ponder and then looked up and said, “You forgot to tell me something, didn’t you?” Old man #1 thought for a second and said, “Oh yeah! My oldest granddaughter has blue eyes.” Old man #2 then immediately gave the correct answer.

How old were the 3 granddaughters?

(answer will be posted on Sunday night)

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