Random Crap

I’m really sorry again about not posting yesterday. Yesterday was such a boring day that there really wasn’t anything to write about besides me acting like a zombie going to 8 hrs of classes. (yes I went to every single class yesterday)

For those who watch movies on their computer, DivX 5.0 is out. Not many movies support this codec yet, but supposedly better compression with higher quality, so pretty soon movies will be using DivX 5.0 instead of the current 3.0. I wonder what ever happened to 4.0alpha? It was out, but not too many groups used it and now 5.0 is out. Hehe.

Today it was pouring like crazy (said it was raining like a b*tch earlier to a friend and I was wondering how my language ever became this vulgar). After dinner, although it was only a ~40ft dash, I was completely soaked. Before I left for dinner it was only sprinkling, so I didn’t bother with an umbrella. Then it began to hail for like 3 minutes non-stop. Oh well, it was fun. ;p

As for the picture of the week, another temporary picture has been put up, but will be soon be replaced by the real thing (hopefully tomorrow when it doesn’t rain). The temporary pictures is really a little project my friend beardseeba put together. In a moment, you’ll find out why I bolded the beard part. Hehe. -_^x

My friend shortdog (known each other since 9th grade, but only through a name and never in person. part of my #psx clan) just found my website and here’s what he has to say:

[7:14pm] <shortdog> What’s yo name?
[7:14pm] <shortdog> You brandon?
[7:15pm] <shortdog> Drunk (suzanne) is a funny pic
[7:15pm] <shortdog>> Heh
[7:16pm] <shortdog> Carol is pretty cute 🙂
[8:46pm] <shortdog> N/m Toland
[8:46pm] <shortdog> Heh

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