Happy Birthday ZUltimaZ!

Today’s my bro’s bday so I’d like to wish him ~A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!~

Yesterday’s news got too long so I decided to talk about Armageddon here. My dvd’s finally arrived (w00h00!) and Armageddon was the first one I watched. It’s always been one of my favorite movies especially the ending where tons of touching speeches all come together. 4th time I watched it and I still get teary.

Today I had Chinese mu-shu (mushoo) with lori and milkmandan. It was SO good!!! Sigh I really missed food from home. Was suppose to go to SF today but didn’t really feel like shopping today + chris wasn’t going.

A ton more happened today, but too tired to tell u each and every bit, so I’ll end my news with a link. Hope you guys will enjoy it. ^_^x

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