I posted about the ASIMO Robot several days ago. I finally got the chance to watch the videos today. All I can say is I’m AWED.

asimo balancing

Remember those little robots from sony that can run, and by running I mean being able to have both feet above the ground at the same time? From Sony shows off jogging robot: Running is a much more difficult task for a robot to perform as both of the machine’s feet must be off the floor at the same time. The robot was called the QRIO. They also did a little dance with miniature flags. You can check out the archives of videos for it here.

What’s cool about this new Honda robot is that it can do almost everything + more that the QRIO can do, but using a human sized robot. It can run, go up and down stairs, run in circles and change directions while moving, detect edges and stay on track, have face and voice recognition, push or carry objects around, follow people around while holding their hands and even run upto 6km/hr (that’s 3.73mph). To put this into perspective, the fatest human can run 36km/hr.

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