Funky Cat Maybe

Funky Cat Maybe (ファンキー キャット メイビー) (from Tera). A really cute anime video with characters based off the popular anime: To Heart. Some of them even grow cat ears (猫耳 – nekomimi)! They also have somewhat frightening large eyes, much larger than regular animes (if that wasn’t already large enough for you). I also didn’t get why only 1 girl had her eyes opened, while the rest of the dance crew had their eyes closed. Was it taking too much time to render it with all of them opened? I wonder…

You can download the original version here: To_Heart_2_Dance.avi, but it’s a 80+ meg download. It appears RapidShare has removed this item due to inactivity, therefore I’ve uploaded the original to my Gallery: To_Heart_2_Dance.avi

This video really reminded me of a Japanese Zelda commercial: Legend of Zelda Dance Commercial on the Super Famicon (SNES). I guess it has to do with the sychronized dancing, the beats, and the rap song. The dance moves are awfully similar too!

I’ve extracted the audio: To_Heart_2_Dance.mp3, so if you think the tune is catchy, feel free to download and add it to your mp3 collection. You can also listen to it in your browser.

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  1. The video is in my gallery (as noted above). Just click the “Download movie” link. You may have to stop the video from playing before you can download it. You also have the option to stream it.

    As for the mp3 link, it still works… Unless you clicked on the link from a different website, in which could be the problem because I prevent hot-linking.

  2. I think only the one girls eyes were open because she was the leader of them. To show importance and make her stand out a bit more I think. It kinda gave her more of a sense of conciousness then the rest of them I found too.

  3. I finally found the lyrics! As it turns out, the singer has a very thick Japanese accent that makes his English sound like jibberish. The lyrics are below, and hopefully are correct.

    First the end trouble you studied many
    Even tomorrow will make efforts
    Day sets and the time of the under school,
    Stepping on the shadow that grow I will come back cheerfully
    However, I wait a little bit, I see the surroundings, is not it strange something?
    The thing that attached to the head be what?
    The thing that protruded prettily be what?
    Be careful! Fellows are coming to there.
    Escape early! Fellows are next to you.
    Do it! Attach the [either he says “ear”, or “something”] of a cat!
    Do it! Attach the [same as above] of a cat!
    [The Chorus-y Part]
    Raise both hands! (Highly toward the sky!)
    Raise both hands! (More highly toward the sky!)
    Raise both hands! (Highly toward the sky!)
    Raise both hands! (More highly toward the sky!)

    After the odd instrumental, it repeats the same way. Hope this helps for anyone who was wondering!

  4. THANKS so much for making this available!

    Had this video on an older computer and hadn’t seen this video in years. The way I downloaded it was that on the page that the link sends us to, I had to save the webpage, then when it was downloaded go into the folder and find the largest file in there, and it was the video that I’ve been wanting to watch for a very long time.

    – Hope that helps anyone that’s been having problems downloading the video itself, as the mp3 was downloaded easy normally as far as I was concerned. I hadn’t seen the video in such a long time that I even forgot what it was called, but I’m glad I figured it out, and that the Funky Cat Maybe video and mp3 made a crappy day a whole lot better!

    THANK YOU again!!!

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