BBQ at Tekman’s

So I went to sleep last night around 5:45am. I can’t beleive the sun was already out at that time. Well, maybe not the sun, but there was definitely light outside. I set my alarm to 12:20pm, but ended up hitting snooze till 1:30pm, haha. The BBQ was suppose to start at 1:30 and he lives all the way in North Bothell. Anyway, I get up and after forgetting which exit and ending up in Alderwood Mall, Lynwood, I finally arrive around 2:30 – 3pm.

The food was aplenty and the pork loins was actually really good and Angel’s brownies were *yummmm* SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD! Guy and Eric made beef ribs which I’m not sure if it was the sauce or beef ribs in general, but they sorta tasted weird, but in a good way. Maybe it was because it tasted pretty different from pork ribs.

We played poker some some time and I lost $10. My hands were terrible and the only awesome hands I did get, I ended up folding preflop. Guy I think was the big winner of making $9. Oh yah, I met a new friend of theirs, Matt, who seems to be interning for Microsoft this summer.

Derek called in the middle and we tried to convince him to come. When he did want to come, poker was already over, and we were playing board games. I was playing Ticket to Ride with several people, while the other group was playing Cities & Knights of Catan. It’s like a very complicated version of Settlers with knights and city upgrades and city walls and barbarians. I think they got annoyed I was asking so many questions about it, thought it looked like a lot of fun. I actually ended up placing 2nd after Guy with 107 points or something like that. Guy had ~120.

Afterwards, we were trying to decide what to do and ended up playing a game of HORSE (basketball). Wrexen ended up winning, but Guy had the most interesting moves.

Afterwards, we had another round of trying to decide what to do. We ended up playing more games after about an hour of brainstorming and half the group broke off to play Trivia Pursuit (a game which I totally suck at, my mind’s not made to remember random facts, hence why I have blog to jot down anything interesting so I can come back to it later). The other group (including myself) went to play Puerto Rico. Somehow I ended up winning, but I was just taking Guy’s and Xyon’s advice left and right.

The day was fun! I wonder if I have to go into work tomorrow… hmmmmmmm

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