Word’s Worth

From 24 Season 5 Episode 22:

Jack – “What makes you think I’m not going to kill you the second this is over?
Chris – “Because you’re going to give me your word. And I know what your word is worth to you. So it’s all I need.

This reminds me of the moment of the exploding flash memory he gave to the German intelligence and that’s just how much Jack’s word is worth. Just thought it was funny… Jack’s words are worth sh*t when dealing with terrorists.

Also, every time technical jargon comes out of Chloe’s mouth, my ears bleed:
Not a Pheonix. It’s a poison pill firewall. Any attempt at circumventing it and the hard drive does a cold start erase, at which point you can forget about retrieving any data.

WTF is a poison pill firewall? Search on that string results in only 24 references. I’m guessing it’s like a suicide pill where if they detect they’re getting invaded, they’ll drop the bomb. And the WTF is a cold start erase? Cold start implies the device hasn’t been on for some time and by starting it, it’s starting it cold. If a hdd is running, to cold start it requires a cool off period. I can’t believe I’m trying to analzye Chloe’s statements. sigh…

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