Music from The Inner Life of a Cell – Available for Purchase

From my previous post: Music from The Inner Life of a Cell, I mentioned that I had contacted the artist and he had responded back saying he’d be happy to share the music with me. He did send me an mp3 file, however, it was littered with the phrase “Massive Productions” which got annoying after listening to it after awhile.

A few days ago, I get an email stating:

Hi Everyone,

I am now selling this piece of music at my website. Follow this link below…

The email had 19 recipients, which is what I’m guessing the number of people that have contacted him. A little less than what I would’ve expected, but nevertheless, that was enough to prompt him to try to sell his work.

At first, I was happy with this decision, but upon opening that link, he’s charging $25 for this track. I was happy even if the track was going to cost a few dollars, but $25 is plain outrageous. Oh well.

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  1. $25 may seem outrageous when you’re compared to buying tracks from iTunes, etc., but this is buyout “stock” music intended for use in video productions, in which case it’s actually very cheap. I usually have to spend over $100 for similar tracks. Great tune, thanks!!

  2. Eeehaaa!!!
    Thanks very much for sharing. Unfortunately $25 is salt but I agree with Whipper arguments.
    Thanks again!

  3. Hello:
    can you please send me the mp3 file?
    The sound track for “Inner cell life”
    because I seriously cant afford $25 just for 1 track.
    So if possible, can you please send the music track to my email?

  4. I was able to edit the “Massive Productions” out using the slightly lower resolution track they had in the video for the beginning and ending, and I covered the rest of the speech in the song by replacing those areas with the music 4 bars before or after (also from the mp3 file Krunk posted)… it sounds perfect! 😀 Don’t think I can post my file here though. You can try doing what I did to remove the speech, but it’s not that big of a deal.

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