Playing MIDI in Winamp Lite

RayAlome and I were talking about Winamp and he said they should release a lite version without the video player. I said they did and pointed him to Winamp Player – Free Download. I said the only real drawback of Winamp Lite is it doesn’t play MIDI files. I guess it’s really no longer much of a deal for me, but I was big into MIDIs back during high school as I thought it was neat to have songs in such a small format. Plus the fact that old cell phone ring tones could play only MIDI.

But it turns out that all you have to do to get Winamp to play MIDI is to have someone with the full version to give you the MIDI plugin. Neat!

You can download in_midi.dll (which I’ve zipped up):

Afterwards, just dump the file into “C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins” or wherever your Winamp installation directory is and start Winamp and associate the MIDI files with it.

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