Ys – The Oath in Felghana

So I’ve been playing a new game called Ys – The Oath in Felghana (which is basically Ys III), a Japanese Action RPG. You can watch the trailer here. Goshtic first introduced me to Ys awhile back when he was playing Ys I and Ys II and uploaded some gameplay videos to me. The gameplay was awesome and really neat, but unfortunately it was in Japanese and given that it’s an RPG, it either meant I had to cheat (look at walkthrough) or not understand what I need to do.

However, Angelus brings to my attention a few days back that there have been people who have been translating the Ys series. The newest fan-translated is Ys – The Oath in Felghana. The person who has been working on these patches is Nightwolve. Unfortunately, the Felghana patch is still being worked on and the final version isn’t out yet. Unfortunately the beta translation patch for The Oath in Felghana isn’t posted on their site, but you should be able find it at your closest bittorrent index. The final translation patch for Ys I and Ys II are however posted, which I might get to after I finish The Oath in Felghana. A new Ys game seems to be released or will be releasing soon called Origin.

The game so far is like all typical RPGs. You’re some adventurer traveling through cities. Monsters started appearing out of nowhere. You help and you start to get to the bottom of this. You realize you have a special power and you get strong. The cool thing about Action RPGs is the fact it’s real-time and not turn based. So you just keep whacking enemies until they die.

I did hit a problem initially where the screen would black out and I was trapped inside this window. It didn’t respond to CTRL+ALT+DEL or WIN+L. I knew my machine wasn’t frozen because I could still see some mouse movement. Doesn’t this sound exactly like something else? ;p I wonder if desktop switcher would’ve worked here. I logged into another box of mine and remotely killed the application and was returned to my regular screen.

After searching online for the problem, apparently it has issues with ffdshow: Bug Report: FFDSHOW incompatibility. If you go into ffdshow’s video decoder configuration, in Info & Debug, add “YSF_Win.exe;” into Don’t use ffdshow in. After setting that, the game started up fine.

Random Crap:

Bathe in chocolate this Valentine’s DayA Japanese spa is offering the perfect aphrodisiac for Valentine’s Day — chocolate baths. I’ve always wanted to jump into that chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Incredible Hand Made SunglassesToday you can see another “How to” video, but a video that will blow you away.You will see how people in China can make some amazing sunglasses.Now we have factories that make this work but China is providing what every company is looking for “low cost manufacturing”, that can maximize their profits.Now you can figure out how some people sell sunglasses just for $2.00.

Dishmaker: Never Wash Another Dish? (from Digg) – We actually linked to this story from Treehugger about a year ago, but with the advent of YouTube there is renewed interest in the product…at least to me. While the dishmaker appears unwieldy, this “dishwasher sized” apparatus can actually replace cabinets worth of dishes by storing them as flat disks. Only a small amount of pressure and heat is necessary to reshape the acrylic into a bowl (and back).

How To Open A JarThe video features several different methods for opening stubborn jars, complete with scary zombie-like infomercial-style clapping as each jar falls. 3 easy ways to open a tightly sealed jar. I like the rubber band method.

Confessions of an eBay opium addictA pleasure trip to the Internet auction site sent me into the hell of opium addiction. Could death be the only redemption? A guy gets addicted to poppy seeds which he was able to acquire in bulk from a “seed” seller.

We Didn’t Start This Website! (from Deadlock) – I don’t usually post YTMND (which I found out means You’re the Man Now, Dog), but this one’s tune was catchy and is a compilation of all the other YTMND websites.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – What is the first name of George W. Bush? (from Digg) – This is the German version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? She was asked “Wie heisst George W. Bush mit Vornamen?” which I can only assume is the $100 (equivalent) question. That question translates to “What is George W. Bush’s first name?” After using 50/50 and doing a audience poll, she still got it wrong. I’m also very shocked with the response where 42% of the audience thought George W. Bush’s first name is Edmund. Did we ever have a president named Edmund?

Valued Customer… (from Digg) – After hearing yet another story of someone hitting the “invisible wall” on Comcast and getting the boot for a year, as a valued Comcast customer (I pay one of my scripters Internet bill, so the account is in my name) I decided to see what Comcast support officially had to say about the issue. I made up a story about a friend that had been booted off, and after a few minute wait to get into chat, the below transpired. Sorry about the image, it turns out you cant copy/paste a Comcast chat after it has finished. (don’t mind the spelling and typos, I was using my notebook on my lap. I’m sure you can all read “typing fast speak” anyways) From the conversation: While I am not able to locate a cap, I have been informed that it is around 200 Gigabytes in a month. Hmmmm, I’ve been awfully close.

Hot or Not Composite Images (from RayAlome) – a project where they grabbed all the images and ratings from hotornot.com and did an average composite of each rating range. The average face (as psychology also claims) is rather cute. 🙂

Uh Oh, Gmail Just Got Perfect (from Digg) – Google quietly added a small feature to Gmail this week called Mail Fetcher. When that feature launched, Gmail became perfect. Mail Fetcher allows users to access non-Gmail email accounts from within the Gmail interface. If you have a Yahoo email account, and a work email account, etc., you can simply access that email from within Gmail, using POP settings. Gmail will now work in a very similar way as Outlook does on the PC desktop. This is confirmed on Google’s website.

I’ve been using Kayak.com to find cheap airfares, but the other day Liam asked me what’s a good site, I recall reading an article about Farecast which predicts Airfare prices. I personally haven’t used it, but I’ve heard good stuff about it, where it can usually predict quite well when the cheapest time to get airplane tickets is.

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us (from Digg) – Web 2.0 in just under 5 minutes. A very interesting video with a catchy tune, using browsing and text to show the evolution of text and the web. A higher quality version is available for download here. Please note that this is the second draft and the final version will not be available until late February after I review all comments and revise the video. Please return for a new download link at that time.

He Said, She Said (from FuzzyWuzzy) – WINNER “Best Music Video” in the YouTube Underground contest! buy our debut EP “Malfunction” here: http://store.imusicast.com The story of a loafer who sits around and watches TV all day and a girlfriend who threatens to leave him if he doesn’t get off his ass and do something, is told via animated comic book. Inspired by the “Take On Me” video from the 80’s (back when MTV still showed videos), this video combines live action and animation to tell it’s tale. The video was written, directed, and animated by the band itself. Made on a ZERO dollar budget in an apartment in Oakland, Ca.

charleston style (from RayAlome) – the charleston to daft punk. thanks for the support, you may return to your dancing. A pretty good sync of this video: Charleston Demo — Al Minns & Leon James to what appears to be daft punk/techno music.

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