Pull Up Bar

So I’ve been meaning for a long time to pick up a pull up bar. I’ve enjoyed doing pull ups, but there really wasn’t anything around that would be able to hold my weight while I did the pull ups.

I decided to pick up something at Amazon.com: GoFit Chin-Up Bar. For $15 (+ free shipping since I have Prime), it sounded like a decent deal. Reviews of the item are pretty good too.

I got the Pull Up bar today and installed it over the corridor that connects my kitchen to my dining room:
pull up barpull up bar

At first I had not planned to used the brackets, which you screw onto the wall to keep the bar from slipping. However, after reading this review:

Like all of the other people here, I bought this bar and it has performed magnificently. $15 is ridiculously cheap for the high build quality of this item, but **BEWARE**.

******* DO NOT USE THIS ITEM WITHOUT THE BRACKETS ******, no matter how strong you think it is.

I am approximately 165lbs teenager and was using the bar sporadically throughout the day just for fun. Again, I hung this WITHOUT the brackets, which I learned to regret.
One time when I was pulling myself up, the bar fell broke off and fell, leading me to land party on my back and neck.

I immediately got back up like nothing happened, but the next day my back and neck are experiencing shrieking pain.

The use of brackets is not only recommended, but required. It takes only a few minutes!!

I decided it was in my best interest to install the brackets before using. It sounded painful to have the bar slip while doing pull ups.

After installing, I was excited to try it out. However, I was shocked to find myself even struggling to do 1. I was able to do 5 easily just a few years ago. Guess I’ll be practicing more on it. Chin ups on the other hand, I was able to do 3 easily. Must be the push ups I’ve been doing and it’s been strengthening my biceps.

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