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So I was searching for something and ended up on this page: Have A Look At My Desktop.

I thought the skull background image was rather cute, but the author stated he didn’t remember where he got it from, besides that it was from DeviantArt. So I searched for: cute skull deviantart and the first link on Blingo returned Skull Wallpaper by ~LordZoltan. (Did I mention that I won a $10 Gift Certificate off Blingo recently?) Anyway, I can’t believe such a query actually worked!

Unfortunately, he only has one size for this wall paper: 1152×864, but that was easily fixed by centering the image and changing the default background color to black.

Next, I noticed that his taskbar was black. I was like, that’s rather cool. I also liked how he replaced his start button with just a windows flag. He didn’t mention if this was XP or Vista, but I’m assuming it’s XP since the recycle bin icon I believe was updated in Vista.

So the hunt for the black XP theme began. I found a couple of them.

The first one I found was via this video: Black XP Theme FREE, which points us to Zune Desktop Theme. I gave that a whirl. Turned out pretty nice:

zune desktop windows xp theme - cute skull

I then found: Royale Noir: secret XP theme uncovered. Theme is very similar to the Zune Desktop. The shades of black and gray are definitely not the same, and instead of orange (for the start menu button and the arrow), they’ve chosen green. Not bad either:

royal noir windows xp theme - cute skull

I also found this one: XP Themes / Black Mesa which looks nice too, but I haven’t tried it on my system yet.

UPDATE: The Zune Desktop theme even made my download status bar orange!

firefox orange download status bar

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  1. Thanks for the link. I’m using Windows XP by the way, the start button comes along with the theme I use, did not customize it basically. A big screen you have there by the way :p

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