What happened to my Random Crap?

Ever wondered what happened to all my random crap? I guess I can’t really assume what you see on my site isn’t random “crap” to begin with, but I’ve just run low on time to post everything I find interesting these days. Therefore I’ve decided to stop posting random links and stuff. If I find something really amusing and interesting, I’d still post it, and it’ll probably get its own entry.

But I figured a way to still show you random crap, with me doing minimal work.

There are 2 main sources where I get most of my random crap: Digg and RSS feeds. The most obvious thing is to share with you what I’ve dugg: Digg / krunk4ever / History / Diggs.

As with RSS feeds, bloglines has this blog/clipping feature which is pretty neat. It allows me to clip and save off particular entries: Krunk4Ever – Powered By Bloglines

I’ve added these links to the sidebar, so if you ever miss my random crap, you know you can find something interesting in one of these links.

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