Do I Ever Sleep?

So SueOn asked me this question earlier:

do you ever sleep?
or are you like chuck norris
you just wait

That reminded me of the Zuckerberg testimonies I was reading earlier. Apparently the court files for the case when Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) was sued for stealing the social networking idea from another student group were accidentally released to a journalist/reporter. According to Facebook Founder Finds He Wants Some Privacy:

Social networking Web sites can seem dedicated to the idea that nobody’s personal life is worth keeping private, but when it comes to Mark Zuckerberg — the founder of Facebook, one of the largest networks — Facebook disagrees.

Facebook tried last week to force the magazine 02138 to remove some unflattering documents about Mr. Zuckerberg from its Web site. But a federal judge turned down the company’s request for a court order to take down the material, according to the magazine’s lawyers.

The dispute stemmed from a lawsuit charging that in 2003 and 2004, as a student at Harvard, Mr. Zuckerberg stole the idea and some of the computer source code for Facebook from some fellow students. They were planning a networking site of their own and had hired Mr. Zuckerberg to help with the programming.

You can read the original article on 02138: Poking Facebook:

Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg created one of the most trafficked sites on the Web and became a paper billionaire as a result. But ongoing lawsuits suggest that Facebook’s origins are murkier than Zuckerberg would like to admit. Is the man many are calling Harvard’s next Bill Gates telling the truth?

and here are the court documents from the Facebook trial: The Facebook Files.

How does this relate to the the question SueOn had asked me? In one of his testimonies, the transcript goes as below (Q = question/attorney and A = answer/Zuckerberg):

Q: Okay. What time did you wake up in the morning?
A: It probably wasn’t the morning.
Q: Okay. How late did you stay up programming?
A: I don’t know, like it’s quiet at night.
Q: Okay.
A: You can get work done.
Q: Did you work all night sometimes?
A: Yeah. I mean although, I guess that’s relative when you’re shifted hours like that.

You can say I’m pulling all nighters every day, but that’s because I go to sleep in the early morning (4-6am).

The testimony got boring really fast, though I will say that he sounded quite scared and his replies reminded me of someone who wasn’t really a profession, but brand new to the field.

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