Lipton Green Tea with Citrus

lipton green tea with citrus So Costco had a coupon for this month for Lipton Green Tea with Citrus and I’ve decided to give it a try. The idea of mixing citrus (orange and lime) with green tea was an concept that didn’t originally sit well with me. I’ve had fruity teas before. They were okay, nothing spectacular, and I’d prefer just regular tea or with honey/milk+sugar. Anyway, since it was on sale at Costco, I decided to give it a shot. I got to try one today and boy was it tasty.

It had a very familiar taste, which I couldn’t quite get ahold of. I went through ice cream flavors and even started thinking about Capri Sun flavors, but nothing quite hit the spot. Honestly, the citrus taste really overpowers the green tea taste, but you can still taste a hint of the green tea. Finally after hours of contemplation and many sips of the drink, savoring the taste each time, it finally it me. It reminded me of those popsicle juice sticks my mom would purchase at the Chinese supermarket when I was small. I can’t exactly describe it further besides saying they’re sticks filled with fruit juices (probably non-natural) and you freeze them and then you suck on them. I tried searching for any image, but couldn’t find any. Here’s my quick attempt at drawing one:

chinese juice popsicle

Thanks for Ungsunghero for pointing out those things are called ice pops:

ice pops

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