Lychee Jello Cup

So while drinking my 3rd bottle of Lipton Green Tea with Citrus, it finally hit me what it reminded me of. Previously when I mention it reminded me of ice pops was due to desperate measures. The taste was so familiar and my brain was aching to make an association, and it finally did, but even after that, I wasn’t too sure that was what I was looking for.

When I popped open my 3rd bottle today and I took my 1st sip, I knew exactly what it reminded me of: Lychee Jello Cups

They also go by other names such as Lychee Pudding, Lychee Jelly, Konnyaku Jelly, Konnyak Jelly, etc. They’re those little jello cups that have a small chunk of fruit inside it. It started out with Lychee, but later on, other fruits like grapes and mango were also added to the variety. I believed coconut was also involved, but I forget if that is true or not.

Apparently it was later recalled due to chocking hazards.

Here’s some pictures of it:

lychee pudding
(from The Gluttonist)

lychee flavored coconut jelly
(from A Lot About Nothing)

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  1. It has come to my attention that lychee pudding may actually not be what I’m talking about. After closer inspection of the image above, it looks like lychee pudding is different from lychee flavored coconut jelly.

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