I finally got my college diploma! I’ve always thought I’d be back in Berkeley to pick it up myself, but every time I’ve been back, the timing wasn’t right. The office was either closed, or I didn’t have time, so on and so on. I’ve dreaded to have them mail it to me, because I can’t see how they can justify charging $12 for it.

Anyway, apparently they only hold your diploma for 5 years and given that it’s almost 3 years since I graduated (my brother inviting me to his graduation reminded me), I decided that $12 it is.

I went to the Office of the Registrar website, and apparently they don’t take credit cards. !@$#$*&&!%&!$*!@#*!&%! Apparently I am forced to write them a check, and you know how I hate checks. I decided if that’s what it’ll take to get my diploma, so be it. I wrote them a $12 check and mailed it off with my application. By god, I can’t believe I still remember my student ID number without giving a sweat.

So what did $12 net me which would’ve cost me $0.00 if I picked it up in person? Apparently the following:

  • 1 cardboard envelope with a “DIPLOMA – DO NOT BEND” note on it
  • 2 paper-sized cardboard pieces to keep the diploma from bending
  • 1 UPS label to ship 1lb to anywhere in the USA
  • Someone putting this altogether and dumping it in the outgoing mail bin

Yeah, I feel gypped too. You’d expect it to at least come with a frame or something. Haha. ;p Oh well. At least now I have proof that I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. degree. If my mom was here, she’d probably frame it. Knowing me, it’ll end up in my pile of junk. Plus don’t forget, I know have Arnold Swarchenegger’s signature!

P.S. This may be my last post in awhile. Been watching a lot of Genshiken and now I’ve started watching House.

6 Replies to “Diploma”

  1. I’m not sure if I should congratulate your degree acquisition or lament your unwillingness over the past 3 years to spend $12 to receive it XD. Also, if you get a chance to try out some of the new anime season, look into getting [Menclave]’s version of Toshokan Sensou (Library War), it’s every bit as awesome as it sounds (so far.)

  2. Haha. My friend was commenting what exactly can Library Wars be about. ;p I might just give it a try now 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. They have a monopoly on the diplomas. If I were them, I’d charge as much as I could without it affecting enrollment.

  4. That would make sense if they charged everyone for a diploma (even those who picked it up in person), but they’re only charging exuberantly those who opt for it to be mailed is what I don’t get.

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