JetBlue Now Flies SEA to LGB

This is sweet! While searching for flights to fly home for my brother’s graduation, I found out that JetBlue now has a direct flight from Seattle to Long Beach (equidistant as LAX to my house, minus the horrible traffic). I typically fly Alaska Airlines since they’re usually the cheapest (~$300) non-stop flight from SEA to LAX and had consistent quality. I’ve always liked JetBlue with the personal LCD and the quality of service, but was sad when I found out that they didn’t have any flights from Seattle to LA. I even emailed them awhile back voicing my sadness.

Anyway, I just booked a flight back for 4 days in mid-June to attend my brother’s graduation and it came out to only $243! For comparison sake, the cheapest Alaska Airline to LAX was $303. However, Alaska Airlines does have more daily flights between Seattle and LA than JetBlue does.

I think JetBlue and I are going to become much better friends now. 🙂

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