How’s My Driving?

So while driving home today, the truck in front of me had this bumper sticker: “How Am I Driving?” with an 800 phone number and some id which I’m guessing is used to identify the truck.

That got me thinking, how awesome would it be to create my own bumper sticker point it to an answering machine and see what people think of my driving. ;p

Of course a toll-free number would be ideal, but given that people are probably going to make calls on their cell phone, minutes don’t count any differently between toll-free vs local, and I can easily setup an answering machine using the IPKall + FWD setup for free.

Something like this would also probably work great for parents whose children are starting to drive. Instead of having the “student driver” sticker on the back of your car, you’ll have the “How’s My Driving” bumper sticker. And just wait for phone calls to trickle in. 🙂

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