Sword Stand

So after getting my graduation gift from my co-workers: Warrior Series: Wakazashi, I’ve never got an official sword stand for it. I’ve always thought about getting one, but was just too lazy to search for one. It’s always just sat above my fireplace. 3 years later, my mom decides to get me one for Christmas.

I do have to say, it turned out pretty nice:

sword stand

Along the same theme, I’ve also recently unpacked a bunch of anime figurines. I can’t believe I still have so much stuff unpacked in my storage room.

Hellsing Figurines - Alucard and SerasBleach Figurines - Rukia and IchigoRurouni Kenshin Figurines - Kaoru and AoshiRurouni Kenshin Figurines - Sojiro and SeijuroRurouni Kenshin Figurines - Kenshin and ShishioAnime FigurinesAnime Figurines

The Bleach figurines are actually new. I had to find enough to reach $50 for free shipping at RightStuf during their recently sale. The 2 Hellsing figurines came with 2 of the Hellsing DVD volumes which I purchased awhile back. I’m surprised none has fallen off the edge down into the living room yet.

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