Mamma Italia – Mixed Berry Gelato

Kirkland Signature Hawaiian Sweet Roll Did my regular Costco trip yesterday since there were new coupons which started earlier this week. I was sad to find out that they had sold out of their Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (from their bakery). Guess that’s what happens when you go during the last hour of when they’re opened. Those things are so soft and delicious. I usually pick one up whenever I go.

Mamma Italia Mixed Berry Gelato However, not all was lost. I found a different reward instead. Turns out Costco now carries Italian Gelato. I’ve been craving ice cream earlier this week and this was perfect. They only carry one brand/flavor: Mamma Italia – Mixed Berry Gelato. It is a bit more expensive than regular ice cream, costing $8 for 1.9 quart. However, compared to other gelato, this is a great deal!

The even cooler part is that the cute cashier was talking about how awesome it was but said some found it a bit too sweet. I said, that’s even better, I have a sweet tooth. Then it happened again at the receipt checker. He commented that the gelato was very delicious and I definitely was going to enjoy it. I just smiled in return. 🙂

After trying it, I do have to say it was extremely yummy. The gelato was so soft and sweet. 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful gelato! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it, lately, at Costco. If you know a place around Olympia, WA that carries it, I need your input.

    1. Ours in Issaquah,WA sell it now in the food court. It’s no longer branded Mamma Italia, but is instead made fresh daily and branded as Kirkland Signature. They also have 3 flavors now: Pistachio, Mixed Berry, and Stracciatella. My favorite was Stracciatella which is the fancy Italian name for chocolate chip (vanilla with chocolate shavings).

      I took this photo the last time I was there: gelato sign

      They also sell it in a waffle cone for $1.50 or a quart to go for $4.99. The waffle cone comes with 3 scoops and is giant!

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