Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

  • American Idol went overtime into Fringe, and I got to enjoy Adam Lambert’s amazing cover of Mad World: #
  • Don’t forget to call your mom and wish her Happy Mother’s Day. (^_^x) #
  • Interesting discussion on whether to get a Masters or not: #
  • @jscott Reminds me of the cat poop coffee: Kopi Luwak – in reply to jscott #
  • @ralphlee Not sure if you hear of this film: Burma VJ – #
  • Did you ever realize the Arkansas was just Ar + Kansas? Apparently both states derive from the same Kansas Native American tribe. #
  • @bartonjs @ellism What “feature” are we talking about? in reply to bartonjs #
  • @ellism Haha, I didn’t even know this option existed. Would’ve definitely enabled it on my @krunk4ever account. in reply to ellism #
  • bought my first 1TB hard drive to upgrade my RAID 5 file server. 1 down, 5 to go. #
  • @ellism Did you misspell @aChrisSmith? in reply to ellism #
  • has purchased tickets to fly back to LA for sister’s graduation on the weekend of June 13th. Flying back on June 15th. #
  • Book a RT flight on @JetBlue for sometime between 5/19 to 6/23 and get a $50 voucher good between 9/9 to 11/15: #
  • @dhstatus Is the panel down? I’m getting a “Connection Interrupted” error. #
  • finally succumbed and joined Netflix. The Xbox Live + Netflix Streaming and BluRay access finally pushed me over. #
  • Disney Pixar’s Tokyo Drift parody – “Tokyo Mater” (via @Fathi_Haziq) #
  • When you have eliminated all other possibilities, the one remaining-no matter how unlikely-must be the truth. #
  • Why are 80% of my Netflix searches resulting in ‘The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep’ on the first page? It’s not even recommended: 2.9 #

Looks like YouTube took down that Adam Lambert – Mad World song. Here’s a new link to the studio recording. I also dug around and found the clip of his actual performance.

[Please visit blog post to view streaming video]

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