Roadtrip from Texas to California

I visited my younger brother in Texas and then the whole family took a road trip from Texas back to LA. Just wanted to talk about this before I forget all the tiny details.

If you may have noticed, I recently updated my Facebook profile picture. I decided it was time since I’ve gotten fatter since then + now I have longer hair. I also switched to contacts, but wearing sunglasses doesn’t really show that. One thing you might not have noticed is that what I’m snowboarding on isn’t snow, but sand. These are the sand dunes at White Sands, New Mexico.

Anyway, let’s start from the beginning. My brother is currently working at Schlumberger (pronounced schlum-ber-jay). If you’ve heard of it, you’ll know how big it is. If not, you can easily do a search. Anyway, we hung out in Laredo, TX for a few days and you might’ve read about my experience with getting drunk.

Our next stop was San Antonio where we checked out the River Walk (very beautiful during the Christmas season). We also went up the Tower of the Americas and checked out the city. Apparently San Antonio is like the 7th largest city in the USA. We also visited the Alamo and got a refresh in Texan history. On the day we left, we checked out the Japanese Tea Garden which was very beautiful.

I took this really neat picture of a stork and turtle ignoring each other, as if they were giving each other the silent treatment.

Next, we went to Austin and my brother showed us the state capital building. It’s funny how I’ve never been to either New York’s, California’s, nor Washington’s capital, but I’ve now been to Texas’ capital. Apparently there’s also a bridge where tons of bats would come flying out from underneath when dusk hits, but we we weren’t in the right season for that, as the bats have migrated.

Next, we went to Carlsbad, New Mexico to check out the Carlsbad Caverns. The cave was really big and very pretty. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. My brother made me take this picture because it reminded him of *cough*:

Our next stop was White Sands where they had these really cool sand dunes right next to a missile testing site. They had sleds you can rent for $10 which we found ridiculously expensive, given that the entrance fee per person was only $3. Good thinking on my brother’s part as he busted out his snowboard:

I also drew a Krunk on top of one of the dunes (not really that great of a picture since I couldn’t get a good angle):

We were originally planning to check out Phoenix, Arizona, but decided we didn’t really know much about the city and no one had anything particular they wanted to see, so we only stopped in for dinner and continued our drive home.

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  1. I see now, it was sand, not snow 😛 I definitely have to visit that place when I road trip back from NY to CA =D

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