It’s Friday and I’m Sad

Just a few weeks ago, I was content with life. Things couldn’t have gone much better. But humans are greedy and when once you realized there’s an emptiness, there’s no going back. I’ve been trying to find something to fill that emptiness, but have not had much luck. It’s Friday and I’m sad.

Have you realized how colorless the world can be sometimes? How TV shows and movies you usually enjoy seem boring? How time moves ever so slowly? How exercising doesn’t seem to make you tired anymore? How 5 minutes into video game and you just want to shut off your console? The only thing that seems to make me feel anything anymore is rewatching my favorite movies and animes, ones that pack a lot of emotional punch. I have to say The Twelve Kingdoms and Rurouni Kenshin has kept me sane for the past week, but even those are slowly losing their power.

Update: I don’t know how mom’s do it, but my day (or night) is 100x brighter. Thank you. 🙂

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