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It’s once again time for me to blog about new music that I’ve been enjoying. Once in awhile if I really dig a song, I’ll post it on Facebook immediately. Here is the list that didn’t become an immediate favorite, but has the honor of being in my “Current Favorites” playlist:

Taio Cruz – I Just Wanna Know – After discovering his “Break Your Heart” song, I found this song on YouTube and really enjoyed it.

CHEMISTRY – Period – This is the new OP (opening song) for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The animation that accompanies the OP doesn’t really do it justice, but after you listen to this song a few times, the melody really jumps at you. I always try to sing along when I watch the anime.

SHIKI – Sepia – Artemyst showed me this MAD video and I really enjoyed the background music. After digging around, he was able to get me the song title and artist.

Lady GaGa – Alejandro – First heard on the radio and didn’t even realize it was a Lady GaGa song until I started searching for lyrics with the names Alejandro and Roberto in it. My sister says I probably like this because there’s some euro/trance beats to it.

B’z – PRAY – I first heard this song as an ED for Detective Conan, but apparently this isn’t really a Detective Conan ED song and it was just something the fansubbers did. Nevertheless, I thank DCTP (Detective Conan Translation Project) for introducing this song to me as it’s an awesome song! I found the English translations to the lyrics if you’re curious.

The Last Goodnight – Pictures Of You – Recently heard this song as part of the 4 Chord Song and decided to add it to my collection. Unfortunately the music video is prohibited from being embedded, so you’ll have to see it on YouTube.

LMFAO – Yes – Denise introduced me to the band LMFAO when she was visiting and I have to say I really dig this song. The beats are awesome and lyrics are just hilarious.

Mika – Relax, Take It Easy – After posting that I enjoyed his Happy Ending song on Facebook, Krishnan told me to check out this song. I was not disappointed.

Spose – I’m Awesome – First heard this on the radio and although I’m not a big fan of rap songs, the lyrics to this song was just too fun! And after listening to this song, I’m always in a happy mood.

Mason Jennings – The Field – Heard this song as the background music off a trailer for 180° South. The song just sounded so soothing and I enjoyed it.

伍思凱 – 秋天別來 – I was first introduced to this song by Valerie, but it was sung by 侯湘婷 (female) instead. I found 伍思凱’s version (male) later on YouTube and decided I like his version better. I’m guessing it’s probably because it’s easier for me to sing along to his version as his pitch doesn’t go as high. It’s a bit ironic listening and singing along to this song the past few days. If you’re interested in what the lyrics are, I found the English translation to “Autumn Don’t Come”. Ugh… After reading part of the lyrics, they haven’t really done that great of a translation job, but you’ll get the message.

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