Darker Than Black Review

Darker Than Black Several friends had recommended the Darker Than Black anime series to me, which conveniently is available on Hulu. At first the episodes were episodic and getting repetitive. The strategy was always the same. Over the course of 2 episodes, Hei would receive orders and we’d see him accomplish it. It did work out well with my exercise regiment since I usually run on the elliptical for ~50mins. There didn’t appear to be an overarching storyline to tie in everything together. But thank god I stuck with it because after the introduction of Amber, everything fell into its place and the puzzle started forming a bigger picture. The series became really fun after that point.

The story takes place sometime in the near future where some alien gates formed on Earth. Mysterious things begin to happened, such as a small population of humans becoming contractors. A contractor is sort of like a mutant from X-Men, where they’ve gained some special power, but there’s a price whenever you use it. Contractors are also completely logical beings with the human irrational bit completely removed. We’re introduced to our masked protagonist Hei and his work for the syndicate. Slowly we learn more and more about his past and when Amber shows up, things really kick up a notch.

I also really liked its 2nd OP:

The song is called 覚醒ヒロイズム~THE HERO WITHOUT A “NAME”~ by アンティック-珈琲店- (An Cafe)

I should probably check out the sequel. Ratings for it are pretty good too.

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